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Sky Lanterns

Chinese Sky Lanterns

Grand Wedding Exit is happy to announce we carry Wedding Sky Lanterns that are made with biodegradable materials for an environmentally friendly design. Our fuel cell lights easily, which allow the lanterns to fly and return to the ground when they burn out. We wanted to make sure we were offering the best wedding sky lanterns for sale before we brought them to our brides.

Wedding Sky Lanterns

Each Wedding Sky lanterns comes with everything needed to launch and make for a fun wedding activity. Recently sky lanterns have become popular at weddings where the bride and groom come together to light one single lantern off into the night sky for the start of their new life! Or you can choose to have your bridal party or entire wedding party participate on the fun. Lighting these wedding sky lanterns are quick and won't take up too much time during your wedding night! Use these with sparklers for weddings to create a night time remember. 

Chinese Sky Lanterns