36 Inch Long Wedding Sparklers Exit

36 Inch Sparkler
Why you need long wedding sparklers?
Wedding sparklers are the final touch to end or start your wedding. When choosing sparklers for your wedding there are several important things to keep in mind about the wedding sparklers. What is the quality of the wedding sparklers? How long are the sparklers for weddings? What is the perfect quantity of sparklers needed for your wedding? At Grand Wedding Exit we assist you in choosing the most economical and trustworthy product there is to be offered.
What is the quality of the wedding sparklers?
Our wedding sparklers are made of the highest quality materials. In the wedding sparkler industry there are many impostors of wedding sparklers. Purchasing the incorrect sparkler could ruin your wedding or worse, cause major damage to your venue or someone you love. There have been several cases when choosing the wrong sparkler sent individuals to the hospital. Here safety is our number one priority. Our wedding sparklers are made here in the United States Of America and pass all tests and inspections by law. Our long wedding sparklers are designed with safety in mind. Each sparklers is equipped with a handle to allow the sparklers to sparkler away from you, keeping your hands safe. After you have used the long sparklers for the weddings you can easily dispose them into out wedding buckets.
How long are the sparklers for weddings?
Being that our wedding sparklers are crafted here in the USA, we are able to incorporate the purest materials and ingredients when manufacturing the sparkler. These long sparklers for weddings are triple dipped for a number of reasons. By triple dipping the wedding sparklers you give an extended burn time. Being that you sparklers are burning for 3+ minutes you can an abundant amount of pictures entering, exiting, kissing, and with groups. Another reason our sparklers for weddings are triple dipped is for a brighter sparkle. When you are using regular sparklers during the day it is hard to see; however, with our sparklers, they shine brilliantly during the day and even more bright in the night. The final reason why triple dipping is a must is because it creates a durable product that will not fall apart or break when in use or not. Our sparklers for weddings are virtually ash less and smokeless to give you that perfect picture every time.
What is the perfect quantity of sparklers needed for your wedding?
When is comes to deciding how many sparklers you need for your wedding, do not be fooled. All of your guests will not be there for the grand wedding exit. Statistics show that 10-20% of guests leave before the exit. So depending on your guest lists, this number can vary. Also remember if you would like, we have seen people give two wedding sparklers per person on the exit to enhance the fairy tale effect. When setting up you friends and family for the grand wedding exit make sure everyone is aware and organized to smoothly execute this event. As you exit the venue feel free to take your time and embrace the journey you are about to take with your new partner in life. Wedding sparklers makes it that much more enchanting to start the new chapter in your life.
Long wedding sparklers for weddings
At Grand Wedding Exit we offer more that just long 36 inch wedding sparklers. We also offer the , premium sparklers, heart sparklers and wedding sparkler buckets. Our 20 inch sparkler are the next popular sparkler for weddings behind the long sparklers. Each and everyone of all of our sparklers are made with the same process and go through a final inspection before they are shipped to our customers. The wedding buckets are the safest way to hold the wedding sparklers before the grand exit and they easiest way to dispose of them after the event.

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