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Sparkler Pictures

Sparkler Pictures

Welcome to our collection of sparkler pictures at Grand Wedding Exit. We have incorporated one of the most popular trends in bride and groom exits today which is the famous sparkler exit. When these photos turn out, the results can be stunning. We often hear back from our newlyweds stating the best wedding photo's throughout the entire night happened to be the sparkler photos! You will absolutely want to notify your wedding photographer you are planning on taking sparkler pictures to ensure these will come out as best as possible! 

Sparkler Photos

Wedding exits can be a dramatic and fun element of your planning, especially if you have wedding sparklers! They are absolutely a dream at outdoor weddings, and can make bold and beautiful venue or hotel weddings that much more magical. Why throw rice when you can have wedding sparklers that will illuminate your wedding photos like nothing else ever can. This is the photo you’re going to share with your family and friends the most, and hang in your house. Typically 36 inch sparklers produce the best sparkler pictures amongst all wedding sparklers.

I’m sure you’ve witnessed a few of these floating around Pinterest, and some of you bride’s may have even asked your friends and families to do some for their wedding! Sometimes it’s fun to incorporate the wedding party into these shots. If you ever have any questions when it comes to sparkler photos do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will help out in every way possible! 

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