Complete Guide To Wedding Sparklers

Everything You Want To Know About Wedding Sparklers

  When we are planning a wedding, we want everything to be perfect. We tend to automatically think about choosing the venue, the wedding colors, the DJ, and the seating. We want to create a celebration that is bold enough to represent all the love that the couple is feeling. We also want to make sure that all the decorations are amazing and that we create an experience we can capture on camera, so we have lots of photos of the big day.

  While we all know there are many ways we can decorate for a wedding, recently one item that many of us are using are wedding sparklers. Sparklers are a sure-fire way to take our celebration to the next level. When using sparklers for the first time we are likely to have a ton of questions. We might wonder what wedding sparklers are or how we can incorporate them into a wedding. We might ask how we can use them safely or how we can capture the best photos of our sparklers.

  This guide will provide everything that we need to know about using wedding sparklers during your grand wedding exit to create a dream departure.

What is a Wedding Sparkler?

  A sparkler is a type of hand-held firework that burns slowly while emitting bright, intense colored flames, sparks, and other effects. Many people have fond memories of using sparklers when they were children. Wedding sparklers are special sparklers which are known to be both high quality and long lasting. In addition, wedding sparklers unlike traditional sparklers are smokeless which means we can take clearer pictures. Wedding sparklers can be used both inside the wedding venue, at the reception, or outdoors for wonderful wedding exits. 

How Can Sparklers Be Incorporated Into A Wedding?

  It turns out sparklers can be incorporated throughout a wedding. Some people incorporate them into the wedding ceremony, some use them to create a grand exit for the couple, and some use them at various points during the reception such as when the cake is cut, during a toast, or during the first dance. No matter how or when during the celebration wedding sparklers are used, they are sure to create a wedding that will always be remembered.

  • Sparklers For A Send Off Or Wedding Exit :  A common way to use sparklers during the ceremony is to use them for the wedding exit. Each of the wedding guests can be given a sparkler while getting into two lines creating a pathway or arch for the couple to run through. This is a wonderful way to have a photographer capture amazing and joy filled pictures of the couple and all the guests. 
  • Using Sparklers At The Wedding Reception:  The great thing about using sparklers is they can be incorporated throughout the reception such as during toasts or during the couple’s first dance. There are no “set rules” and how we use wedding sparklers is only limited by our imagination. 
  • Sparklers To Announce The Couple:  As the couple enters the reception hall there is typically an announcement of some type letting all the guests know the stars have arrived. Sparklers can be used by the wedding party as an alternative eye-catching way to announce the couple. Wedding sparklers are also a great visual clue when the reception hall is filled, and an announcement could be hard to hear.
  • Sparklers As Centerpieces And Wedding Favors :  Sparklers can be added to centerpieces or given out as wedding favors. This is a great way to get guests involved in the celebration. When used as wedding favors sparklers can be combined with a photo booth so everyone is able to have their excitement and joy captured under the glittering light of a sparkler.
  • Sparklers Decorating The Cake:  A wedding cake is often the showstopper at a reception. Wedding cakes are often amazingly decorated and can highlight the theme of the wedding. They often include a beautiful cake topper. Sparklers can be incorporated into the cake's decorations. Just imagine a grouping of sparklers used as the topper or using sparklers on a multi-tiered cake. 
  • Sparklers During Champagne Toast: The champagne toast is where everyone gets to give speeches about how happy they are for the couple. One way to take such toasts to the next level is to use sparklers. Having the couple hold sparklers during the toasts or having those giving speeches hold sparklers is a way to really create a festive feel and make sure all the guests are engaged. Sparklers can also be lit and placed behind the couple during the toasts creating amazing photos.
  • Sparklers For First Dance:  While it might be hard for the couple to dance while holding sparklers, handing them out to guests can create a grand experience. Having guests hold sparklers in the background can combine with the lighting of the dance floor and create a magical experience that the couple is not likely to ever forget.

How Long Do Different Wedding Sparklers Burn?

  When it comes to burn time it all depends on the quality of the sparkler as well as the sparklers length. Sparklers can burn from anywhere from one minute to over three minutes depending on the type we choose. Knowing the burn time of the sparklers we buy is important so that we can choose the best option no matter when during the wedding we want to use  them. When it comes to sparklers for sale you will find these options below as the most popular ones used at weddings. Curious to know what the best size for wedding sparklers? Or how long do wedding sparklers last? We got you covered!

Premium 10-Inch Sparklers : There are many reasons to consider using premium 10-inch sparklers for weddings and events. These sparklers last about one minute and have a steel wire core for smokeless and ash-less use. 10-inch wedding sparklers are great for toasts, for use during the couple’s first dance, or during the cake cutting ceremony. 10-inch sparklers allow us to add sparkles to any part of a wedding celebration.

Premium Sparklers For Weddings

Star and Heart Shaped Sparklers :  Sometimes we will choose to use fancy star or heart shaped sparklers which when lit have sparks creating a star or heart pattern. These sparklers are 10 inches long and last for 75 seconds. Heart shaped sparklers add a bit of extra romance to our celebration and highlight the deep love between the couple. On the other hand, star sparklers add a bit of extra elegance to our wedding celebrations and can help turn our celebration into a star-studded night. Combining multiple types of sparklers really helps create a showstopper experience that will wow everyone in attendance. 

Heart Shaped Sparklers For Weddings

14-Inch Sparklers : Each 14-inch wedding sparkler has a 90 second burn duration. This is just enough time to be able to savor the effect without extending the wedding too long or getting in the way of other wedding ceremony activities. 

20-Inch Sparklers :  20 inch wedding sparklers are popular because they are the most economical. These sparklers are double dip processed and produce a bright and cheerful gold sparkle. Each 20 inch wedding sparkler has a 2-minute burn duration. This gives plenty of time for the couple to slowly exit in a calm and unhurried manner. 20-inch sparklers are the perfect choice for most of our wedding needs.

20 inch wedding sparklers

36-Inch Sparklers :  36 Inch wedding sparklers are the most popular because they have an extended burn time which allows the couple to walk leisurely under an arch of sparklers for their exit. These wedding sparklers are triple dipped and can last 3+ mins giving an abundance of time for taking pictures entering and exiting. In addition, they allow time to take photos of the happy couple kissing or to take photos of groups. If we choose a 36-inch sparkler we are sure to get the amazing experience we have always dreamed of for our big day. 

36 inch wedding sparklers

Most Popular Wedding Sparklers For Sale 

Newlyweds exiting with 36 inch wedding sparklers
Newlyweds exiting with 36 inch wedding sparklers
36 inch sparklers for weddings
36 Inch Wedding Sparklers
36 inch wedding sparklers used for a grand exit.
long 36 inch sparklers used at wedding exit.
Wedding kiss with sparkler send off

36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

20 inch sparklers at wedding
20 inch sparklers at wedding
20 inch wedding sparklers couple kissing
20 Inch Wedding Sparklers
20 inch sparklers for weddings
20 inch sparklers for wedding grand exit
newlyweds kissing with wedding sparklers behind them
cutting the wedding cake with sparklers at wedding

20 Inch Wedding Sparklers

Sparklers for Wedding Send Off
Sparklers for Wedding Send Off
Sparklers for Wedding Send Off Kit
Sparklers for Wedding Send Off Kit
Sparklers for Wedding Send Off Kit
Sparklers for Wedding Send Off Kit

Sparklers for Wedding Send Off Kit


What Are Smokeless Sparklers?

  For those of us who have used traditional sparklers we might wonder how sparklers can be used inside without filling the room with smoke. It turns out it comes down to using a sparkler with a steel wire core because sparklers with wooden handles are going to produce unwanted visible smoke.

   Therefore, it is important that we use wedding sparklers at our wedding instead of traditional sparklers we might find we can purchase in other places. Smokeless sparklers tend to burn with a pretty gold color because any additional pigments would simply produce unwanted smoke. Gold sparklers will work well with any wedding celebration.

   Smokeless sparklers also allow us to take clear pictures of the couple without smoke getting in the way. If we want to use sparklers at a wedding it is vital that we choose smokeless wedding sparklers. We do not want to use sparklers that are going to take away from the event by filling the space with smoke.

What Makes A Wedding Sparkler High Quality?

  A high-quality sparkler depends on the materials used to make the sparkler. While there are many different types of sparklers we can buy, it is important we choose quality sparklers for a wedding celebration. This means sparklers that burn evenly, burn for a long time, and burn clearly so we can see all the sparkle that is produced.

   High quality wedding sparklers have a steel not wooden core and are double or triple dipped to produce a more even burn. This is like the fact that the more times a taper candle is dipped the sturdier and long lasting it becomes. If we are using sparklers at a wedding, we want to make sure we are going to see the golden color without having to deal with large amounts of smoke that will simply get in the way of taking wonderful pictures.

   When planning a wedding we want to invest in high quality sparklers to have the best experience. In addition, high quality sparklers are less likely to end up broken before we can use them, and they are less likely to burn in an unexpected manner which could be dangerous to the couple or for the guests in attendance. Sparklers are one area we do not want to cut corners when we are planning a wedding. Only high-quality wedding sparklers should be used at a wedding to have the best possible experience.

How Many Sparklers Do We Need?

Typically, we find that 10% of wedding guests leave before the grand wedding exit where sparklers are often used. So, for a wedding of 100 people this would mean buying at least 90 sparklers. On the other hand, having extras is never a bad idea since we may find some guests want to hold two sparklers or want to use sparklers at other moments throughout the event.

   In addition, having a few extra means we can have more fun sparkler photos with the wedding party or have a few extra sparklers for the bride and groom to keep. Finally, having extra sparklers is a good idea because they last a long time typically between two and three years; they can always be used for later events such as the couples one-year anniversary celebration, or for an upcoming holiday.

   When planning a wedding when in doubt we should get more sparklers than we think we will need because we are sure to find a use for extra sparklers. No one wants to run out of sparklers on the big day. In addition, sparklers are economical enough there is no reason for us not to go all out when planning our celebration.

How Are Wedding Sparklers Packaged?

  Sparklers come in packages of different numbers depending on the length and shape of the sparkler ordered. This means that no matter how big or small of a ceremony we are planning there is a package of wedding sparklers which will be perfect for our needs.

10-Inch premium sparklers come in packages of 24, 48, or 96 sparklers
20-Inch wedding sparklers come in packages of 8, 48, 96,144,192, 240, or 288 sparklers
36-Inch wedding sparklers come in packages of 30, 48, 96, 144, 192, 240, or 288 sparklers
Star shaped sparklers come in packages of 6, 36, 72, or 144 sparklers
Heart shaped sparklers come in packages of 36, 72, or 144 sparklers

  Sometimes when we order sparklers, we find it makes sense to get a wedding send-off kit. These kits come in packages of 48, 96, 144, 192, or 288 with either 20 inch or 36 inch sparklers. In addition, these kits come with a bonus 24 premium sparklers as well as a bucket to hold the sparklers after they have burned out to make sure no stray sparks cause a problem at the wedding.

What Do Wedding Sparklers Look Like?

  Wedding sparklers are double dipped to ensure an even and bright glow. No matter which type of wedding sparkler we choose for our event they will give off a bright golden light as well as several sparkling sparks that will fill the air. These sparks create a magical background for taking photos. Make sure you know how to spot quality wedding sparklers for your big day!

How To Use A Wedding Sparkler?

  When we use sparklers at a wedding it is important that all our guests know the proper way to use them since not everyone has used sparklers before. We always want to keep safety in mind when using a sparkler. So how do you light wedding sparklers?

   Step one is to have guests hold the wire handle firmly in their hands and away from their bodies. Sparklers are a lot of fun, but they do give off sparks and we don’t want anyone to get singed while using them. Step two is to use an ignition source such as a lighter to light the tip of the sparkler. Step three is to remove the flame once we start to see a flurry of sparkles and sit back and enjoy the show. Our goal is for everyone to safely learn how to use sparklers so not one is hurt or injured.

What Lighters Should We Use & How?

  The best lighters for wedding sparklers include barbecue lighters or butane lighters. We can use such lighters to light the first few sparklers then we can simply touch one sparkler to the next in line and quickly ignite them all. Using a lighter is more likely to create the effect that we want than using traditional matches which tend to blow out.

  When we think about using sparklers, we might wonder what the best technique would be to get them all lit in a timely manner. One of the best ways is by lighting the ends of each line of sparklers in a wedding exit. This is a quick process and means that the sparkler lines will meet in the middle. We can have 144 sparklers easily lit in under 30 seconds which really is impressive. 

What About Our Wedding Guests?

  It's best to have someone in charge to help put people in line and guide the process of lighting sparklers. Weddings are often busy events and guests can easily get confused about what is expected from them next. One tip for the individual who oversees the sparklers is to have wedding guests take a sparkler as everyone lines up to keep everything organized. It may make sense to do a practice run ahead of time with the guests so that everyone knows what is happening and what they are supposed to do. 

Accessories to Enhance Wedding Sparklers

  While wedding sparklers themselves are likely to be a big hit at a wedding we may find we want to take them a step further. Typically, this looks like either ways to decorate the sparklers themselves or ways to help them get lit in a timely manner. While these accessories are not needed at our event, they can help us create an even better experience for everyone in attendance. 

Decorations And Tags For Sparklers

  Sparklers can be decorated in many ways. We might choose to add a ribbon if we are going to use them as part of a centerpiece. We might add a sweet message to our sparklers or simply label them with the couple's names. We might add a tag that gives clear instructions on how the wedding sparklers are to be used during the celebration. This method can be especially helpful if we do not have someone who is helping organize our guests for the sparkler portion of the event. 

Lighters For The Wedding Occasion

  The best way to light sparklers is with barbecue lighters or butane lighters. While these can always be bought from the store it can be nice to have custom lighters at our event. We can add customer stickers or have a company screen print our lighters so that they better fit into the wedding theme. In addition, we might decide to have something custom made such as a dragon shaped lighter if our wedding is a fantasy theme.


  While matches are not the best way for us to light our sparklers, we may still want to hand our custom matchbook as a wedding favor. Also, while matches typically are only able to light one or two sparklers before going out if we are having everyone individually light their own sparklers, matches can still be an option. If we really want to have matches at our wedding as a keepsake, there are ways we can incorporate them into the sparkler portion of our wedding.

Wedding Sparkler Bucket

  If we want to display our sparklers by placing them in centerpieces, we will want to place them in a sparkler display bucket made of galvanized steel, in a jar, or in a vase. To allow the sparklers to stand up we will have to place a non-flammable substance in the container such as sand. If we use a combination of a metal bucket and sand, we also are creating a safe place for people to put their sparklers when they are done with them. We are often asked how to use and dispose wedding sparklers so it is important to highlight. Finally, we can add a cute little chalkboard to each bucket containing a message.

Things to Consider Before Buying Wedding Sparklers

  Once we know how sparklers work, and how they can fit into our wedding celebration next we need to understand the purchasing process. Purchasing includes everything from shipping costs, how sparklers are delivered, to when we should place our orders so that we do not have to worry about having them lost in the mail during our wedding.

When Can Wedding Sparklers be Bought?

  We recommend you plan to buy wedding sparklers at least one month in advance or the latest two weeks before the big day. The great thing about ordering sparklers online is they can be purchased at any time of the year. We are also less likely to find the sparklers of our dreams are out of stock online than if we try a brick-and-mortar store. Since sparklers can be purchased year-round, we can use them no matter if our wedding is in the middle of a warm June or if we decide to have our wedding be a winter wonderland in January instead. Assuming we plan enough in advance so that our sparklers are sure to arrive in time of our event, online purchasing means we can always have wedding sparklers at hand.

Can Wedding Sparklers Be Bought Where Other Fireworks Are Sold?

  While we might think we can simply pick up wedding sparklers at our local fireworks store, stand, or in some states at our local grocery stores, in truth these locations rarely offer wedding sparklers. Wedding sparklers are different because they are smokeless and burn clearly. This is especially important if we plan to use them inside. None of us want to accidentally cause the sprinklers to go off because our sparklers are creating too much smoke. That is not how we want our wedding to be remembered.

   In addition, many of the big box stores we might be tempted to go to do not sell any sparklers directly. This means when we use sites such as Walmart, eBay, or Amazon we have to deal with third party sellers, and we all have experienced a time when a third-party seller did not provide what we were hoping that they would provide. This means we should buy our wedding sparklers directly from sellers such as which always has a great selection available to us no matter what season it is.

   When we are planning to use wedding sparklers at our big event, we want to make sure that the sparklers we get are going to look gorgeous and work well. We don’t want to try to save a few pennies and find the sparklers we have gotten are all broken or find when we burn them, they create so much smoke we cannot take amazing pictures of the happy couple. In addition, by buying through a site such as we will find high quality but affordable wedding sparklers no matter our budget. Wedding sparklers are one part of a wedding where we really need to make sure we are not being penny wise and pound foolish. It's important research properly to know where to buy sparklers to ensure you end your wedding night perfectly.

Can Sparklers Be Bought In Bulk?

  Yes, when we buy wedding sparklers, we can buy them in bulk packages that contain up to 288 sparklers. Buying sparklers in bulk is the most economical way for us to buy them. In addition, if we find we have a few extra at the end of our event there are so many other occasions where we can use up extras and make all our celebrations big and bold, they will never go to waste.

   On the other hand, if we don’t need such a large quantity of sparklers, we find that wedding sparklers can be adorable even in smaller quantities. How many wedding sparklers we buy and whether we buy them in bulk really comes down to the size of our wedding. If we are having a wedding with hundreds of guests, buying bulk sparklers makes sense. If we are having a small wedding with a dozen or so guests, smaller quantities will serve us better.

Can Sparklers Be Bought Locally?

  While we can always check our local wedding supply shops or party shop stores, generally it is hard to find local businesses which sell wedding sparklers. This is a case where it makes more sense for us to order from a site that is focused on wedding sparklers instead of hoping or wishing that our local stores might carry what we need when we need it. 

Shipping Wedding Sparklers So They Show Up On Time

  When we plan to use wedding sparklers at our event it is important that we consider how long it will take to get to us. In general, the quicker we need sparklers the more expensive shipping will be. This means if we can plan ahead, we will find we are able to save money in the long run as well as having sparklers in advance of the wedding, so that we do not have to spend any energy worrying if the wedding sparklers will arrive in time. 

How Long Does Shipping and Delivery Take? offers free FedEx same day shipping on orders over $50. While this means we could expect wedding sparklers to arrive in as little as one day it is a good idea to order them in advance as we all are aware that expected shipping times have been off recently for several reasons.

Can We Fly With Sparklers?

  No. FAA regulations specifically prohibit bringing pyrotechnics of any sort on an airplane, including wedding sparklers. These restrictions are not limited to only carry-on bags but checked luggage as well. If we are caught flying with sparklers, we might be subject to a civil penalty or imprisonment which is not how any of us wants to start a wedding off.

   If we are going to have a destination wedding instead of flying with sparklers it makes sense to talk to our venue about having our sparklers shipped directly. We want to make sure that our sparklers arrive in one piece and that they will be stored properly until we arrive at our destination. Now you know sparklers can not be shipped on a plane or by air you will need to plan accordingly.

How Soon Should We Order Wedding Sparklers?

  Since wedding sparklers last between 1-3 years it makes sense for us to order them as soon as we know we are going to be using them at our wedding. At a minimum it makes sense for us to order them at least 2 weeks in advance. The sooner we order our wedding sparklers and sooner we can try them out and get a hands-on feel for how they work. It is good to have enough time to see if our lighters are going to work and whether the sparklers will fit.

Reading The Reviews For Wedding Sparklers

  When it comes down to choosing wedding sparklers, we want to make sure we choose high quality ones which will shine at our wedding. This means it is important to read the reviews on various wedding sparkler websites. Reading about other people’s experiences with sparklers will help make sure we get the perfect sparklers for our event. In addition, by reading such reviews we may even find cool ideas about how we might incorporate sparklers into our wedding. 

Capturing The Perfect Sparkling Picture

  Wedding sparklers are a great addition to almost any wedding photo, but it is important for us to recognize some of the challenges of taking sparkler photos. Make sure to check out our article on the best wedding photography tips and tricks with sparklers. Often sparklers are used in locations with dim lights to allow the sparklers to really pop. The challenge is that many of our personal cameras struggle to take pictures in low light or take pictures where there is movement such as the sparks coming off a sparkler. This means that often it is hard to get the sparklers to be in focus. The good news is even if we don’t have a professional photographer there are ways such as adjusting the lighting or using different flash options that allow us to still be able to take amazing photos.

How We Can Use Lighting To Take The Best Photos?

  To take the best photos, it is important that we have a good light source. All too often wedding venues choose soft ambient lighting which can make taking photos challenging. One way to get a bright enough light is to light multiple wedding sparklers at the same time. This means that while each individual sparkler is flickering together it averages out to a nice bright glow as far as our cameras are concerned. Since photographing sparklers can be a bit tricky it makes sense to do a trail run ahead of time to make sure we are setting ourselves up for the best possible experience. 

What About External Flash?

  An external flash can help us capture the perfect photos. Taking the best sparkler photos often comes down to a lot of trial and error. In general, the best photos are taken when we can have an external flash on both sides of the subject as well as using the flash that comes with our camera. Getting the angles right means our photos will be crisp and clean and not contain a lot of random shadows that might distract from the final photo. While using external flashes might seem like a bit of extra effort, we will find it is well worth it to have our photos come out exactly how we want them to come out.

The Importance Of Talking With Newlyweds In Advance

  In order to take the best photos possible, it is important to talk to the couple beforehand for what kind of photos they want captured. Some couples might decide on a formal wedding shoot while others might decide they want more candid shots taken at the wedding. Knowing what the couple wants means we can figure out the logistics such as when and where a photo shoot is going to occur. This also means double checking with the venue for the photo shoot if wedding sparklers are allowed. Finally, if we are going to be the ones taking the photos it is important that we test our equipment out ahead of time. If the couple is using sparklers, we can ask for a few in advance so we can see how our camera responds.

Using Our Smartphones To Take Wedding Exit Photos

  Today we can often capture amazing photos right from our iPhone or Android smartphone. This is great since many of us do not have access to professional cameras. It comes down to a certain amount of trial and error to be able to figure out what camera settings will allow us to capture our wedding sparklers the best. iPhones have good cameras but do not allow for as much adjustment of settings whereas android smartphones sometimes have lower quality cameras but allow us to adjust all our settings. It really does not matter if we use an iPhone or an Android smartphone, we can still capture amazing photos with a little trial and error.

Using Sparklers To Write

  One cool type of picture we can take is one where we write words with our sparklers. Typically, this works best for short words such as Mr. Mrs. or the word Love. What we must do is set up a camera which has a long exposure and slowly write the word with the tip of our sparkler. This can take a bit of practice as well as some planning to make sure that we are writing the words like they would show up in a mirror so that the camera will capture them in the right direction. While writing with sparklers can be a little complicated and time consuming these pictures come out amazing and are sure to wow everyone looking at our wedding album.

Using Photoshop To Touch Up Wedding Pictures

  In general, taking photos of wedding sparklers in real time is the best option but sometimes we want to add a sparkler effect to our photos. This can be done by using filters or by following various tutorials which can be found on Facebook. It is important that we remember that using such filters in photoshop can work but tend to be more limited compared to the effects we can capture in the moment. It is good to make sure we know in advance if we are likely to want to use photoshop and take some photos specifically for this purpose. While we all know photos of wedding sparklers can be amazing it is always nice to have the option to try something different such as using photoshop.

Sharing Our Wedding Sparkler Photos On Social Media

  After we have had our amazing wedding photographed, we are going to want to share those photos with other people. One of the best ways to do so is on the social media channels we are already part of or by creating pages especially for us to share our wedding photos with all those we love and care about.

  Almost all of us have a Facebook profile which we can use to share photos of our wedding. Facebook is a good platform to share photos since many of us already look there to see what amazing adventures our friends and family are having. We can also create a private Facebook group if we want to share our photos with a wide audience but not everyone on the web. If we create an invite only group, we can be sure that our photos are only being seen by those we want to see them.

  If we have an Instagram account, we can share our wedding photos with many other couples. Instagram is designed for photos so is a great place to share all our wedding photos. When people are on Instagram, they are already looking for wonderful photos and seeing our happy couple with a wide range of sparklers will put a smile on their faces.

  When we are planning our wedding many of us create Pinterest boards so that we can keep all our ideas in a neat and organized manner. Since so many of us turn to Pinterest for wedding planning ideas it makes sense for us to put our own photos up so that other couples can see all the ways the wedding sparklers could be used in their ceremony as well as the different types of photos they might take such as using their sparklers to write words.

Safety and Legality Of  Sparklers

Sparklers are a wonderful addition to any wedding, but it is important that we know how to use them safely and legally, so that we can enjoy our celebration and not face unexpected problems. Sparkler safety is not something that should be overlooked when planning your exit.

Using Sparklers Safely

  It is important for us to remember that sparklers have a flame. This means we should always make sure we are aware of our surroundings to make sure we don’t accidently set anything on fire. We should make sure that we only hold the handle of the sparkler as well as always holding sparklers away from our bodies. It is also a good idea to make sure there is nothing flammable around where we will be using the sparklers such as crepe paper or piles of napkins. With a little awareness sparklers are safe to use but it is always a good idea to have a first aid kit on premise in the rare case there are any issues.

Are Wedding Sparklers Legal?

  According to Federal law, sparklers are considered a “novelty” item. As such, they are technically legal in all 50 states but their use is often controlled by local fireworks laws so it is important for us to read up on whether we can use them at the venue we are having our wedding and reception. It always makes sense to check the legality of any unique component of our wedding celebration such as wedding sparklers since we would hate to have our event interrupted because we did not get a permit we were supposed to have. 

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