Heart Shaped Sparklers

Double-Dipped, Gold Glow & Steady Burn
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Includes Free Premium Sparklers: 16 Free Premium Sparklers

Includes Free Premium Sparklers

Ignite romance and celebration with our Heart Shaped Sparklers, perfectly crafted for weddings and romantic occasions. Each heart sparkler is built with a steel wire core, ensuring a nearly smokeless display that enhances every romantic moment. Unique to our design, these sparklers create two enchanting sparks that meet in a luminous display of affection, burning brilliantly for over a minute.

Elevate your celebration of love with these exquisite heart sparklers, designed specifically for moments of passion and joy, and packaged elegantly to complement the most sophisticated events. Move beyond ordinary, smoke-obscured alternatives; our premium Heart Sparklers ensure a pristine, ashless experience, making each photograph a cherished memento of your special day.

To fully capture the magic, we recommend two Heart Sparklers per guest, ensuring that every flicker and flame is part of your collective celebration. Opt for Grand Wedding Exit’s Heart Shaped Sparklers to add a special touch to Valentine's Day, anniversaries, weddings, or family gatherings, making every embrace under the sparks as memorable as your first kiss.

Golden Brilliance

Each sparkler is double-dipped ensuring a rich, golden hue that brilliantly illuminates.

Extended Elegance

Sparklers feature a slow-burning design, ensuring your exit is beautifully lit for lasting memories.

Clean Celebration

Built with a steel wire core, burn virtually smokeless & ashless, ensuring a clean & brilliant display.

Wedding Guarantee

Stress-free planning: free shipping on orders & 100% refund if your sparklers don't arrive on time.

Heartfelt Spark for Over 1 Minute - Enjoy Free Same-Day Shipping on Orders Over $50.00 - Crafted to enrich romantic moments and weddings of all sizes. Our Heart Shaped Sparklers are exquisitely designed for a uniquely beautiful display. Each sparkler ignites two brilliant sparks that travel around the heart and meet again, creating a captivating spectacle of light. Double-dipped for luminous intensity and constructed with a durable steel wire core, these sparklers ensure your celebration is marked by a clean, smokeless, and ash-less glow that’s absolutely unforgettable.

Clear Skies: The Grand Wedding Exit Difference

Designed for unforgettable moments, our sparklers for wedding events feature a steel wire core & double-dipped process, promising a smokeless display from start to finish. As you take your grand exit, let our sparklers for wedding send off light your way with clarity and brilliance, leaving traditional smoke behind.

Traditional Sparklers

Grand Exit Sparklers


250,000 Weddings

Honored to Illuminate Every Love Story

Our Heart Shaped Sparklers have captivated over 250,000 happy couples with their enchanting design, offering more than a minute of radiant, smoke-free brilliance. Ideal for any romantic occasion, from intimate celebrations to lavish weddings, these sparklers create a heartwarming spectacle of light that encircles love perfectly. The dual sparks that travel around the heart ensure a captivating display, giving you ample time to relish the moment and capture it in stunning photos. Crafted to turn every second into a lasting memory, these heart sparklers have proven to be a dazzling addition to countless special occasions.

Customer Reviews

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These were such a big hit for my birthday! Looove them

Dan P.

Heart Shaped Sparklers

Lydia Y.
Hard to light

Really cool sparklers, however they were difficult to light. Had to use a regular sparkler to light the heart ones. Otherwise, they were very pretty!

Lydia R.
I love this product!

The whole family loved them. Will order again🙌

Love it!

I love the Heart Sparklers💖

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