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Sparkler Safety

All of our wedding sparkler products and wedding sky lantern products are full equipped with instructions on how to use them and where to properly store them. With all wedding sparkler products and sky lantern products, adult supervision is required at all times. These wedding products are not to be used by children under the age of 5 years old. Wedding sparklers and wedding sky lanterns can last for many years as long as they are properly stored in a cool, dry storage facility away from direct sunlight. Even though they are all individually packaged items, the extra precautions extends the life of our sparklers. Products found on Grand Wedding Exit should only be used for the intentions they were intended for. Sparklers should never be pointed, thrown, or disassembled at yourself or any other individual. All wedding sparklers and wedding sky lantern products should be transported in the packaging material they were sent in. This keeps our sparkler products secure and away from potential mishaps. If you plan on using sparklers for weddings please make sure to read our tips below.

Wedding Sparkler Safety Tips

  • Make sure to read all and strictly follow all instruction on each sparkler sleeve.

  • Adult supervision is recommended when using any type of wedding sparkler or sky lantern.

  • Never point or aim lit sparklers towards another person as sparklers ignite at very high temperatures.

  • Obey all sparkler laws in your region and state.

  • Keep lit sparklers away from clothes and all flammable objects.

  • Only lit one sparkler at a time and strictly use them only outdoors.

  • Properly dispose sparklers once they go out as they stay extremely hot for minutes even after they go out. Place in sand or water sparkler bucket.

Wedding Sky Lanterns Safety Tips

Depending on where you live, there may be different laws that apply to wedding sparklers and sky lanterns. When using any wedding or sparkler item, follow your state laws and keep common sense in mind. Wedding sparklers are classified as novelties and our allowed in majority of states, however their are a few that have restrictions on places to use them and during certain timeframes they may be used. Please make sure to follow up with your local state fireworks regulations for the most updated information. Please feel free to select a state below to gather as much information about novelty sparkler and firework laws provided by Grand Wedding Exit.

Sky Lanterns Safety Tips 

Sky lanterns are quickly becoming a popular wedding trend with tons of way to incorporate them into your wedding day. We wanted to put together a short list of vital safety tips to ensure you light up the night and make your wedding extra special.

  • Do not allow children to use sky lanterns without direct supervision. 

  • Only use Chinese sky lanterns when weather permits it. Calm winds and no rain is needed to effectively send off lanterns.

  • Can not use lanterns within 3 miles of an airport.

  • Only use outdoors in open spaces and avoid using next to large structures.

  • Have at least two people per lantern when lighting and sending off.

  • If wish lantern catches fire extinguish it immediately and do not attempt to reuse.

  • Ensure to only use 100% biodegradable lanterns for the safety of the environment.