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Sparklers In Bulk

  Grand Wedding Exit is happy to announce we now offer wholesale sparklers!  We are thrilled by the reception and buzz our sparklers for weddings has created.  We now work with so many vendors and distributors that we wanted to offer our event coordinators the opportunity of sparklers in bulk!  The ability to offer larger quantity sizes of our most popular wedding sparklers from our 36 Inch Sparklers to our Premium Sparklers makes it much easier for larger events!  We have decided to offer all of our wedding products to our wholesale sparklers section.  Grand Wedding Exit is offering our 10 inch, 20 inch, and 36 inch wedding sparklers to the list of available sparklers in bulk. 

  What makes Grand Wedding Exits wholesale sparklers different than all of our competition is they were built for weddings and events specifically. Almost all sparklers wholesale products are your traditional 4th of July sparklers on the internet. At Grand Wedding Exit we made it our priority to sell sparklers that are safe for weddings and offer the best benefits. Majority of sparklers sold are made with wood or bamboo, which causes them to emit large amounts of smoke and have undesired burn times. All wholesale sparklers sold from us are made with a steel wire core which helps create a virtually smokeless and ash-less display.  All of our bulk sparklers are also part of a double dip process which makes all of our sparklers for weddings have the same desired burn time. Other competitors selling wholesale sparklers will have ones that go out too quickly or won't burn evenly.  At Grand Wedding Exit all of our sparklers in bulk will burn at proper pace and help create that perfect wedding sparkler exit! Consistency is the key and it's exactly what we offer with all of our wedding products.

Wholesale Sparklers

  When it comes to ordering sparklers in bulk feel free to order directly online or call us directly at our office.  Our goal is to help create long lasting relationships with our vendors and wedding coordinators.  When it comes to weddings, we understand how important creating the proper network and channels of vendors with people you can trust for the most important day of your life!  That's why our wedding staff at Grand Wedding Exit will help you find the ideal wholesale sparkler that fits your needs.  For bulk wedding sparklers orders we highly encourage our potential buyers to reach out to us as we may be even able to offer an a higher discount on your purchase!  Do not wait another minute, reach out to our experienced staff on all wedding sparklers needs!  

  So how does wholesale wedding sparklers purchasing work at Grand Wedding Exit? We give you the flexibility to purchase even one unit of our products or you can even pick greater quantities.  When it comes to our wedding sparklers whole cases is the largest quantity.  Typically for our most popular wedding sparklers our wholesale cases will have two hundred and eighty-eight per box.  We give you the option to purchase however many bulk sparklers you would like.  When it comes to ordering above ten wholesale boxes of wedding sparklers, we highly recommend calling our offices to see if you qualify for additional savings.  

Wedding Sparklers Bulk

  Majority of other sparkler companies that offer wholesale and bulk sparklers do not offer the ability to order in small amounts.  We would like to break that narrative at Grand Wedding Exit and give the ability for small wedding coordinators and event planners the best prices available to fit their sparkler needs.  We hate when our customers can't get right to what they want when planning to purchase sparklers for weddings.  Grand Wedding Exit wants to offer all brides, coordinators, and event planners the best offers for wholesale sparklers. We want to bridge the gap for our premiere wholesale sparkler clients. 

  Being able to offer sparklers at wholesale gives our staff a tremendous amount of flexibility to individually customize each package. When an order of bulk sparklers are placed, all orders will ship out the same day or next day after two p.m. eastern time. Grand Wedding Exit is in the process of opening up a new location in California for all wholesale sparklers orders. This will allow us to offer the quickest turn around time for any wedding sparkler needed event. Our goal is to never miss an event if we can help it.  Whenever you place an order for wedding sparklers bulk we urge you to include the event date. This way our shipping department can make your sparklers can arrive in adequate time. If you ever have any questions about our shipping timeframe or when the exact order will arrive to not hesitate to reach out to our shipping department. 

  Our number one priority is to get our sparklers for weddings as quick as possible to the bride. Over the past couple years D.I..Y has taken off.  D.I.Y. or commonly known as, do it yourself, projects for the wedding industry has sky rocketed. Now with our wedding buckets and sparkler tags we offer along with the sparklers helps make us a one stop shop. We never want to have you go to multiple websites and waste anymore valuable time than you have to. At Grand Wedding Exit you can officially grab all of your sparklers and add-on's in one easy stop! 

  One of the hottest wholesale sparklers are actually bought by restaurants with our champagne bottle sparklers, or commonly referred to as cake sparklers.  Restaurants love to buy our full cases of our wholesale champagne bottle sparkler for sale.  With each case containing two hundred and forty bulk sparklers per unit. If you are just testing this product out for the first time, please feel free to try our smaller packages to make sure it's the right fit! Restaurants and events love these bottle sparklers as they offer the perfect ending to the customers night out.  Restaurants strive to create memories and moments, which in turns makes them want to come back for another amazing experience. Adding our wholesale bottle sparklers will help make the night at your venue unforgettable. Remember these wholesale sparklers are safe for all indoor and outdoor events! They have a burn time of almost one minute and will leave your party in a moment of awe!  We urge you to try them out on all desserts and celebrations!

  Don't hesitate any longer on our collection of wholesale wedding sparklers.  With our most popular 36 inch wedding sparklers available in any type of quantity makes this the best wedding exit!  We even off our 20 inch sparklers or our 10 inch for smaller events.  The last bulk sparklers we offer happen to be our premium sparklers!  Our premium sparklers are the best option for indoor sparklers!  However, when purchasing our premium sparklers we only recommend a small amount to be used indoors at once.  You will also want to make absolutely sure you have the venues permission to use them indoors.  Once lit, these premium sparklers will make your event shine and sparkle the brightest!  

  When it comes to doing wholesale sparklers at Grand Wedding Exit we feel that we have done it right!  If their is anything else we can help or facilitate when it comes to our amazing sparklers for weddings reach out to our offices.  We look forward to making your event sparkle brighter than ever and help create everlasting memories with our sparklers!