Colorado Wedding Sparkler Laws

Colorado Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers In Colorado

  As each state has its own sparkler laws, Colorado's is specific to its unique terrain. Before your wedding day you will want to make sure your specific city in Colorado does not have any laws to precent you from using sparklers for your wedding. Colorado's major cities such as Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Durango and Aurora all share the same sparkler laws. Colorado offers breathtaking wedding views all throughout the state and make it a no brainer to include wedding sparklers.

  Majority of weddings in Colorado take place in outdoor venues with good reason! Newlyweds have the opportunity to showcase some of the most beautiful mountain backdrops in to their wedding pictures. When purchasing sparklers for your wedding make sure to buy only true wedding sparklers. Grand Wedding Exit offers sparklers that are virtually smokeless and ash-less and will enhance your Colorado scenery. Check out the current list of Colorado sparkler laws below to make sure you don't have any issues using wedding sparklers on your wedding night. Please refer to our sparkler safety page to ensure you use wedding sparklers the way they were intended. We do offer sparklers in bulk for all wedding planners in the state of Colorado as well. Make sure to check out our 36 inch sparklers for weddings as they tend to be Colorado's most popular sparkler.

  Colorado is famous for ski resort towns like Aspen, Vail, Beaver Creek, and Breckenridge but they are known to be the only state to turn down the Olympics. Interestingly enough 1/3rd of Colorado is actually owned by the United States government. Colorado currently has over 222 state wildlife area's which helps make sense why so many outdoor weddings take place throughout Colorado.

State of Colorado Sparkler Laws:

  Colorado allows cone fountains and cylindrical, ground spinners, snake and glow worms, sparklers, and popular novelties. As of now Colorado only allows the following fireworks and sparklers. You must be over the age of sixteen to purchase any type of novelty firework or sparklers for weddings. The use of 36 inch and 20 inch sparklers are allowed. You must first check with your Colorado venue to ensure they allow the use of sparklers. 


*At Grand Wedding Exit we always strive to keep our sparkler laws updated with the most current Colorado regulations. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of our sparkler information. We use this as a guideline for you to reference and you should always check with Colorado state law before using sparklers for your wedding. Grand Wedding Exit is not held accountability for an errors in the information stated on our website, and will not be responsible for any violations of firework and sparkler laws.