Illinois Wedding Sparkler Laws

Illinois Wedding Sparklers


Wedding Sparklers In Illinois  

  Illinois wedding sparklers in Illinois are legal and extremely popular at all weddings! These sparklers for weddings can be found in major cities such as Chicago, Rockford, Aurora, or any other city in Illinois. Illinois wedding sparklers scene is among one of the largest in the nation due to the popularity of outdoor weddings. We have many venues and distributors that can be found in Illinois if you are in the search of sparklers for weddings. Wedding sparklers in Illinois can be located easily for weddings and events as Grand Wedding Exit has a warehouse location.


  Wedding sparklers in Illinois have slowly been incorporated in many home style weddings in the area. Chicago is home to the highest number of uses for the wedding sparklers as a grand wedding exit necessity. Many intimate and milestone events in Illinois are accompanied by the wedding sparklers or premium sparklers for cakes and desserts. Sparklers have become a large part of the trending culture. We are able to supply our clients year round since we are fully stocked with supplies. With the various wedding sparklers available the 36 inch sparklers are by far the most popular in the state of Illinois. 36 inch wedding sparklers have a burn time of over four minutes and are often referred to as long sparklers.​

State of Illinois Sparkler Laws:

  Illinois has certain restrictions and permissions when it comes to firework laws. They permit sparklers, snake/glow worm pellets, smoke devices, trick noisemakers, and plastic or paper caps. They prohibit firecrackers, torpedoes, skyrockets, roman candles, and bombs. Sparklers can be purchased or sold year round in Illinois and you have to be at least 18 years of age to purchase. Wedding sparklers have been used through out the state of Illinois for quite some time now. Not only are they being used for wedding, but in restaurants and lounges. They are also being used at five-star hotels in major Illinois cities and the surrounding area. 

*At Grand Wedding Exit we always strive to keep our sparkler laws updated with the most current Illinois regulations. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of our sparkler information. We use this as a guideline for you to reference and you should always check with Illinois state law before using sparklers for your wedding. Grand Wedding Exit is not held accountability for an errors in the information stated on our website, and will not be responsible for any violations of firework and sparkler laws.