First Dance Preparations

Sparkler Dance Preparation

Wedding seasons is just around the corner. Bride and groom are both working cooperatively and exchanging ideas on how to achieve the wedding they envision. One essential aspect both couples are anxious about is what song to play during their first dance. Finding out your ideal wedding tune is one of the most important factor to include in your “to-do” list before you exchange your wedding vows. It’s going to be one of the most candid activities that can really bring you a lot of confusion. But don’t worry because here are some tips on how you could easily select that melody that will add highlight to your wedding. Apart from the wedding sparklers, the first dance is memorable.

 The first thing you have to decide is to whether you would like to dance alone during the entire song or you would prefer other couples to join you naturally. Whatever you decide, both will be an exceptional choice. Coordinate with your DJ or band on the selections they have to offer. They’ve been performing on weddings before so they could help you decide on this matter. Once you’ve chosen your tune, determine if you’re going to be able to keep up with the pace of the melody.


Most couple would prefer a romantic song of course. You know what’s even sweeter? Dancing into the tune of a song that has a meaning to both of you. If you could still remember the movie starring Adam Sandler “Click” that features a very romantic song from The Cranberries, “Linger”. Another song from an Adam Sandler movie is “Grow Old with you”; the melody is light, the lyrics are blunt, and the song is just around 2 minutes. The latter is a perfect song for couple who don’t plan to spend a long time in the dance floor.


Another factor to consider whenever selecting a melody for your first dance is the choreography. You’re lucky if both of you are blessed to be a great dancer. But the reality is, it’s either only one knows how to dance or both of you don’t have the skill. Well that’s okay. Don’t let that affect you. You don’t need to be extra talented when it comes to your first dance. The idea is, both of you have to portray love on the way you dance. You can attend dance lessons if there’s still plenty of time. A professional choreographer can help evaluate what particular genre will suit your dancing skills.


 There are plenty of YouTube videos that can give you inspirations towards your first dance. You can be creative by incorporating remixed songs as the background combined with creative choreography of modern step combinations. There are also classical wedding first dance videos that are suitable for conventional couples who prefer to take it low and slow on the dance floor. You can also be artistic by choosing a salsa or tango as a focal point of your first move perspective. They key here decide for something that will define comfort and confidence. Don't be afraid to every throw in sparklers for your first dance. 

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