Wedding Sparklers Tips and Mishaps to Avoid

Wedding Sparklers Tips & Mishaps to Avoid


  At Grand Wedding Exit we want to make sure everything is set on your big wedding night when you go ahead and choose wedding sparklers.  We already know as the bride their are a million things on your mind to go right on your big day!  We wanted to make sure you are ready for your magical exit!  Wedding sparklers have become increasingly popular over the past five years and we wanted to make sure you have everything in order to truly have a sparkling end to your wedding night.  Our main goal when you purchase 20 or 36 inch wedding sparklers is that you have a proper exit tunnel and the perfect setup to truly takes some magical photo's to remember for years to come!  Using wedding sparklers is a great way to have everyone together to partake in one last moment at the very end of the night to celebrate the newlyweds!  Please continue reading to ensure your wedding sparklers go off without any mistakes!

Here Are Some Wedding Sparkler Mistakes to Avoid 

Make Sure Your Venue Allows Wedding Sparklers-  The one most important wedding sparklers mistake to avoid is to always check with your venue if you were allowed to use sparklers. Before choosing whether 20 inch wedding sparklers or 36 inch wedding sparklers are right for your wedding, please check with your venue! Most wedding venues today allow wedding sparklers as they have become very popular, but at Grand Wedding Exit we want to make sure you cover your bases!  After you have been approved from your wedding venue please call or email our staff and we can help decide which wedding sparkler size is ideal for you!  At Grand Wedding Exit we know each wedding is special and unique, so we take the time to get you the right wedding sparklers and the proper amount! 


Always have an announcement sign about Wedding Sparklers- After you have decide to use wedding sparklers for your grand finale, make sure you absolutely include an announcement sign stating you will be having a sparkling exit!  Why have a wedding sparklers announcement sign?  Since you use wedding sparklers at the very end of your wedding you will want to make sure you have the maximum amount of guests staying until the very end.  Some wedding guests will absolutely leave early, but by notifying all of your guest that you will be doing a wedding exit will have them excited to stay until the very end of the night!  There are countless wedding sparklers signs you can "DIY' or even purchase!


Have the proper lighting tools when using wedding sparklers- Most brides often overlook the lighting process when using wedding sparklers.  When you are ready to go ahead and light the wedding sparklers for the grand exit we recommend using barbecue lighters or butane lighters.  You never know if it's windy during the night and you will want to make it easy and quick on your wedding guests.  We recommend using two at the front of the line and two at the back.  Once you have a couple wedding sparklers lit all you need to do is touch them with the unlit ones and you can have all of your sparklers sparkling in under thirty seconds.  


Properly disposing your wedding sparklers- This is one of the most forgotten aspects when using wedding sparklers, once they go out what do you do?  Your wedding guests will absolutely need a place to put the sparklers once the final flame goes out.  The safest and generally most popular way is using a couple buckets filled with sand.  This way your wedding guests will be sure their sparklers are completely out and cooled off instantly to avoid any accidents!  This will also make the clean up process easy and quick! 


  At Grand Wedding Exit we just want to make sure when choosing wedding sparklers from us or anyone you have all the info to have a successful grand exit!  While working with brides through the years, we have heard countless stories of breathtaking photo's and memories while using wedding sparklers and hope our tips come in handy to achieve this for you! 


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