Wedding Planning Essentials: The Checklist You Truly Need

Weddings are big events that requires meticulous planning. There are lots of aspects to take care of from booking a venue, fitting the dress, and accomplishing the required paper works. If you’re not organized, there’s a possibility that you’ll overlook some important factors like hiring a photographer ahead of time or sending out invitations behind schedule. Both of you are physically and financially exhausted at the end of the day. Hiring a personal wedding organizer might be neat and helpful, but you just need the extra money instead to cover up for other expenses such as wedding sparklers for your grand exit!

            Once you begin your preparation, make sure you note down every detail. Do yourself a favor and buy a small fancy notebook that will serve as your reminder and planner. You don’t have the capacity to remember everything, especially the people you want to invite in your wedding. There are also ideas that would suddenly pop in your mind but you won’t be able to remember later. On that list, you should put the names and numbers of the people who will be responsible in the completion of your wedding such as your florist, photographer, wedding dress designer, and the hair and make-up team.


            Teamwork between you and your husband to be is the best way to accomplish things in a timely manner. Just because you’re the woman, it doesn’t mean that you have to take full responsibility of the entire preparation. Below are the separate lists of task delegated to both brides and grooms to remind them of their responsibility.


Bride Checklist

  • Marriage licenses, records, and other pertinent documents

  • Rundown of your supplier’s phone numbers

  • Readily available tips/checks for your supplier

  • Present for your groom

  • Dresses and accessories

  • Wedding Shoes

  • Emergency make-up kit

  • Handy lip balm

  • Hair care materials

  • Bobby pins

  • Tissues, hanky, or wet wipes

  • Dental floss and mint candies

  • Nail document

  • Antiperspirant

  • Little scissors

  • Safety pins

  • An extra panty hose and a clear nail polish to repair it

  • Medications for headache or stomach upset

  • Stain remover

  • Wedding vows

  • Photographer


Groom Checklist

  • The wedding ring

  • Present for her

  • A well prepared suit and tie

  • Dark shoes and socks

  • Hair gel and brush

  • Antiperspirant

  • Dental floss and mints

  • Keys

  • Extra cash

  • A copy of wedding vow

  • Wedding Sparklers for the Grand Exit

You may notice that the bride’s checklist is more than half of the groom’s. Well it’s because that women are tend to be organized than men. In addition, ladies require more preparation than men which includes a team of make-up experts.


The last but not least part of the wedding; the grand wedding exit. You must not forget about your 36 inch wedding sparklers for those great photos. Wedding sparklers add the final touch to your magical day with a fairytale ending. has all there is to offer to make it a magical experience. We offer 36 inch wedding sparklers, 20 inch wedding sparklers, premium wedding sparklers, wedding sparkler buckets, and heart sparklers.


A month before your wedding, make sure that everything is settled. Remind your caterer, venue, and photographer about the date of your wedding. Sometimes their calendar is so busy that they unintentionally forgot an event. It’s also the best time to modify your diet and start cutting down carbs and calories.


Two weeks before your wedding is all about finishing touches. It’s time to rejuvenate your skin and let your bridal glow shine by treating yourself in spa and facial. Most importantly, it’s the final chance to fit your dress!

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