Best Way To Use Sparklers

Best Way To Use Wedding Sparklers

Best Way To Use Wedding Sparklers


  Wedding sparklers can be used in various ways and in numerous locations on your big wedding celebration. During the wedding ceremony our brides and event planners have found a way to incorporate true wedding sparklers in every aspect of the day. We have decided to organize all of the tips and tricks on the best way to use wedding sparklers through out your wedding day. Adding these sparklers for weddings not only creates special moments throughout the day, but produce some of the best wedding pictures throughout your entire wedding day. It is imperative that you buy sparklers that are considered true wedding sparklers. You will want to ensure your wedding night is not filled with smoke and a strong sulfur odor. True wedding sparklers are nearly smokeless and ash-less and help capture that fairy-tale moment! All sparklers for weddings sold at Grand Wedding Exit are double dipped to ensure the highest-quality sparklers for our newlyweds.


Best Way To Use Sparklers At Weddings


Say I Do


  With having all your family and friends at your wedding ceremony, we recommend giving the guests that are on the end of the row sparklers. This allows for an enclosed captivating moment to capture stunning photos! Lighting wedding sparklers towards the out parts of the rows allows for other guests to witness the marriage and that first kiss! You won't be let down how amazing these wedding sparklers look when the newlyweds kiss at the alter!


Grand Wedding Exit


  The most famous way to use wedding sparklers is during the grand wedding exit. When your bride and groom are leaving the reception, guests will line up and create an arch for the newlyweds to slowly embrace the new chapter in their life. Depending on how long you would like to be walking through the wedding sparkler exit, there are the 20 inch sparklers and our most popular 36 inch wedding sparklers. Stop about halfway through for a romantic kiss, this becomes perfect for a great picture from the photographer or for a few wedding guests to capture on their phones. Guests may light their second sparkler off of the first giving enough time to make this a grand departure.


Newlywed Photo Shoot


  Have your photographer take you two outside at some point when it gets dark to do a few sparkler photos with just you two! These wedding pictures will be the cherry on top your cake. A good photographer can set their camera on a stand with the lens wide open and photo you drawing a heart in the air with 2 sparklers. This allows your partner and yourself to take photos that focus on solely the two of you. Verify with the venue if you are permitted to hold a sparkler send-off. If your event is an outdoor reception check with the parks department for permission. Some areas you are not permitted due to potential fire hazards in very dry areas.


Guests Photo Shoots


  Allowing your wedding party to participate in intimate activities throughout your wedding makes them feel the connection and will cherish those moments for a lifetime. Conducting sparkler writing and aiding in the photos of the bride and groom are only a few ways to incorporate them into the wedding plans. Get the bridal party lined up first so all others can follow in example, give out the lighters and be clear not to light them until they are told to do so. The window of opportunity is very slim for this. Now with the newlyweds ready to embark upon their new life the DJ can announce lighting the sparklers!


During The Wedding


  Have your wedding planner pass the sparklers out before your first dance. You can ask your DJ to make an announcement, asking guests to gather around the dance floor with their lit sparklers. This will encompass you and your love one in a sea of sparklers. Capturing these moments will allow you to keep the sparks flying in your relationship for a lifetime. Instruct your DJ to make an announcement that we will be having a wedding sparkler send-off, so be sure to get your sparklers just before making their way outside. About 15 minutes from the close of the evening instruct all guests to make their way to the exiting location.


Sparkler Writing


  Use one person per letter. Or use one person to write words in cursive. Have the group face the camera with the wedding sparklers in front of them. Write the letters backwards so the camera sees the words the correct way. If it’s too hard to write the letters backwards, you can always flip the finished image in a photo editor later.


Sparkling Heart Shaped Sparkler Display


  Have your wedding photographer take you and your husband outside to share holding a heart sparkler together. These fun heart shaped sparklers are even excellent for group bridal photos. However, the most popular way is to mix these with our longer sparklers to be used for the grand wedding exit! You will love seeing two types of sparklers in your all of your wedding sparkler photos!




  Every wedding sparkler order placed with qualifies for free shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States. We also offer various other shipping options. We also offer 2-5 business day shipping to guarantee a timely arrival.


Sizes and Burn Times


  The most popular wedding sparklers happen to be our 36 inch wedding sparklers for very good reasons. 36 inch wedding sparklers burn for about 4 minutes. 36 inch sparklers tend to be the most popular pick because when the bride and groom exit they are walking underneath the sparklers in an arch like setting. The 20 inch sparklers sparkler light for about 2.5 minutes and are the perfect size for medium style weddings. Make sure you have one or two Sparkler Buckets filled with sand for guests to stick the burnt sparklers in after the sparkler exit is over. Safety and keeping the venue’s ground clean is important. These can be placed on the side away from the building or near the area guests will be heading back in to collect their belongings. Have someone in charge of collecting any garbage from the wrappers (sparkler and lighters) along with the burnt sparklers. Give them to a maintenance member for proper disposal. So if you are looking for an affordable way to transform your wedding into something picture perfect, just add sparklers. The addition of the festive wedding detail will bring an effortless hint of fairy tale into your celebration!

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