20 Inch Wedding Sparklers

Double-Dipped, Gold Glow & Steady Burn
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Celebrate without breaking the bank with our 20-inch wedding sparklers, designed to fit any wedding size and budget. Each sparkler features a handcrafted steel wire core, ensuring a stunning, smokeless send-off with that perfect golden sparkle. Thanks to a meticulous double-dipping process, they dazzle intensely with a uniform, bright gold glow, burning beautifully for two full minutes.

Upgrade your wedding exit with these exquisite sparklers, crafted specifically for matrimonial bliss and packaged elegantly to match the importance of your day. Forget the common, smoke-filled alternatives; our premium sparklers guarantee a flawless, ashless finish, making every exit photograph a treasured keepsake.

For a spectacular farewell, we recommend two of our 20-inch sparklers per guest, ensuring everyone partakes in the radiant celebration. Choose Grand Wedding Exit for sparklers that promise to make your grand finale as magical as your first kiss as a married couple.

Golden Brilliance

Each sparkler is double-dipped ensuring a rich, golden hue that brilliantly illuminates.

Extended Elegance

Sparklers feature a slow-burning design, ensuring your exit is beautifully lit for lasting memories.

Clean Celebration

Built with a steel wire core, burn virtually smokeless & ashless, ensuring a clean & brilliant display.

Wedding Guarantee

Stress-free planning: free shipping on orders & 100% refund if your sparklers don't arrive on time.

Golden Glow for 2 Full Minutes - Enjoy Free Same-Day Shipping on Orders Over $50.00 - Designed to make medium & large weddings unforgettable. 20-inch wedding sparklers are meticulously crafted for a brilliantly bright, extended display. Double-dipped for extra radiance & built with a durable steel wire core, these sparklers shine steadily, ensuring your wedding exit is not only smokeless & ashless but also truly spectacular.

Clear Skies: The Grand Wedding Exit Difference

Designed for unforgettable moments, our sparklers for wedding events feature a steel wire core & double-dipped process, promising a smokeless display from start to finish. As you take your grand exit, let our sparklers for wedding send off light your way with clarity and brilliance, leaving traditional smoke behind.

Traditional Sparklers

Grand Exit Sparklers


250,000 Weddings

Honored to Illuminate Every Love Story

Our 20-inch sparklers are the go-to choice for over 250,000 couples, delivering two minutes of steady, smokeless brilliance. Whether you're planning a medium-sized affair or a grand gala, these sparklers ensure your finale is marked by a breathtaking display of light and joy. With enough time to both enjoy the moment and capture it forever, these sparklers are proven to make every second count.

Customer Reviews

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Brenan W.
Sparked our wedding up!

We used our sparklers for a faux send off towards the end of the evening with the sunset and the sparklers worked great! Guests loved it!

Hannah H.

20 Inch Wedding Sparklers

Wedding exit of my dreams

Everyone really enjoyed the sparklers. They were the perfect golden color. I can't wait to see the pictures as I'm sure they'll be perfect and they burned long enough. We even got to go through a second time.

Thank you guys!

Stephanie S.

I have not received my sparklers yet

Renee D.

20 Inch Wedding Sparklers

20-Inch Sparkler Know-How: Practical FAQs for Perfect Moments

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