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Reasons to get that Grooms Suit
The suit of your spouse is as important as your wedding dress. You don’t want to be the only one standing out on your wedding day. This event is about the two of you, therefore, both of you should share the spotlight. It’s important for grooms to look snazzy and sharp. With these tips from Grand Wedding Exit, you can find the perfect outfit for your husband to be.
Renting vs. Purchasing
Both options have their own share of upsides and downsides. Renting a suit is much more affordable. However, the options that will match the wedding dress and the motif of the wedding might be narrowed. On the other hand, ready to wear suits were made to fit universal sizes. You don’t want your groom walking down the aisle with an ill-fitting attire. Purchasing a suit will ensure that it is personally tailored according to build. You have the power to choose the right garments and materials in creating that suit to guarantee that it will counterpart the bride’s gown. The only thing about custom made suits is that they can be a little pricey.
Suits that Fit Perfectly
There’s nothing more debonair than a man wearing a well-fitted suit, perfectly tamed hair, and newly shaved facial hair. Scrutinize the outfit a week before from head to toe to point out those details that need repair such as embroidery, loose threads, or damaged pockets. Once you finalize the design and character of your suit, the final yet most important step is making adjustments in order to fit it properly. You should pay your tailor a visit 2 weeks before your wedding for that final fitting. On the remaining days that will follow, you should be able to maintain that figure.
It should be able to show Character
A black suit and a pair black suede shoes are a conventional attire worn by most grooms. However, listen to your spouse’s style instincts, if he has any. If he is confident to pull up a very modern and high fashion statement on the aisle then encourage him. An all-white ensemble matched with a white Converse sneakers might be a risky approach, but if you know it’s his personality then he can really work that outfit.
Color Conscious
If the motif of your wedding is baby pink, then most certainly your groom would be a lot hesitant in embellishing his coat and tie with that shade. Most men don’t want to experiment with colors especially if it’s a touch of feminine hues. But there are also men who’s not afraid to give it a try. Although wedding is a time to experiment and be playful, you must also consider comfort. Discuss your motif and lay out all the shades which your man will potentially find appealing.
Creating a Unified Look
Now that you finally settled on your groom’s suit, the next thing to decide on is the tie bars or rings, shoes, lapel pins, and suspenders to accompany it. Check out different tie styles and colors. Mix and match various accessories which you think will highlight the suit. Don’t forget the socks. Although it’s underneath the pants, a socks that doesn’t match with the entire outfit is very unattractive.
Always Comply with the Code
A candid method to alleviate wedding day closet apprehension is by reminding your guests to dress according to the decided motif. If you’re looking forward for an easygoing summer wedding, advice the guest to wear a coat or trousers or suit without a tie. For girls, a semiformal colorful dress what a shawl neckline would be appropriate.
The Art of Mixing and Matching
A growing trend in modern weddings are bridesmaids and groomsmen wearing attires that are not similar to one another. One way of doing this is by assigning a particular style to each part of the entourage. Dresses with varying necklines and hemlines or tux with different patterns. The most important thing is defining it with the same type, texture, and shade of fabric. You could also try a rainbow concept wherein different colors will be worn by everyone. If you’re not that confident with the result, you can just select a single color and vary it by utilizing different tones – from faded to dark.
Reasons to Say a “Big No” to that Wedding Dress
Choosing a particular wedding dress is a crucial decision to make especially that there are more than hundreds of designs and styles to choose from. There are lots of factors to consider such as the latest wedding fashion, the cut that will flaunt your curves, and the design that will cover your flaws. A wedding dress is the most important and most probably the one of the expensive piece of clothing you will splurge on in your entire life. So, before you say yes to that dress, here are some of the questions you have to answer first.
Will it be able to meet your timeline? You’ve already found your dream wedding dress. Now it’s time to find out how long is it going to be ready after the modifications and adjustments that you require. You have to be able to come up with a wedding dress at least two weeks before your wedding and if it will take more time than that, then it’s time to go to another option.Is it reasonably priced? Yes it’s a special occasion that requires a special dress. However, you must realize that apart from that wedding gown are tons of expenses that are equally important such as your caterer and photographer.Do you get a “wow” factor whenever you look in the mirror? It’s important to bring at least three important people in your life whenever you are fitting a wedding gown. Their honest opinion is very essential in determining the wedding gown that will make you look stunning. So, if you don’t get that wow effect five seconds after you walked out that fitting room, then you probably know that it’s a no.Are you comfortable in it? Don’t dress to impress. The number one rule in fashion is dressing for comfort. If you don’t feel that in your wedding dress, then it will certainly reflect on your face and onto your wedding photos. It should be a fun and carefree event so choose a dress that looks sophisticated yet you can still work on your dance moves.Does it combine well with the theme of your wedding? Every element in your wedding should have a connection with one another. If you are opting for a vintage wedding theme, then you must avoid those modern wedding gowns.
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