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Buying Sparklers On Black Friday

  Black Friday deals are one of the biggest shopping days world wide. Online and in store get traffic beyond compare to any other day. When you are a savvy shopper, the best deals are on black Friday. Here at Grand Wedding Exit we love the shopping spirit and allow our customers to take advantage of great deals. We surpass in the best price nationwide and offer quality products that can be delivered right to your doorstep. When your are in need of the perfect wedding sparklers for your event, wedding, or celebration, we will take care of you. Black Friday will forever be continued in our malls and stores throughout the nation. The place to buy sparklers and the best price and quality can not be matched to ours. We have sparklers for sale year round with seasonal pricing to tend to demand. Wedding sparklers made simple here at Grand Wedding Exit.
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The History of Black Friday
  In response to the spiraling crash of the gold and wall street market in the year of 1869, losses were market in red and profits are marked in black. When the market started to come up again, there was only black for profits. Black Friday is hand down one of the only days that has strictly black profit on the accounting sheets, hence the name, Black Friday. At least 140 million American will be shopping this Thanksgiving Black Friday Weekend.
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Buy Quality Sparklers On Sale

  Our sparklers are the only sparklers in the industry to be made here in the USA. Made with ECO Friendly materials we offer the first wedding sparklers that are virtually smokeless and ash-less. All of the sparklers manufactured in the USA are tripled dipped to ensure durability, the brightest sparkle and extended burn time. Wedding sparklers can make or break the finale of your wedding. We provide sparklers that are strictly designed for celebrations to give you the fairy tale addition to your event.
  Our 36 inch long sparklers are our longest burning sparklers that last 3.5-4 minutes. The next available sparkler is the #20 or 20 inch sparkler that burns just a little shorter than the 36 inch sparkler. Our Premium Sparklers are popular sparklers that burn for a about 1.5 minutes and commonly used as 4th of July or Diwali sparklers. Also, restaurants and venues incorporate them into desserts and drinks. When you do not want to go the traditional route, we offer Custom Heart Sparklers for that extravagant touch. In order to incorporate all the products together, we recommend using the Wedding Sparkler buckets to make them look beautiful at your event.

Sparklers For Sale Year Round

  Grand Wedding Exit understands the trends year round and we know when the demand is high. We offer the lowest prices and deals on the sparkler products. We are currently offering 15% off all sparkler orders and free shipping to compliment that promotion. Our promotions vary throughout the year and different season. Wedding season is coming to a close and Winter weddings are coming to the surface. During special time during the year we offer free products to returning customers and wedding planners.
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