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Sparklers 101 : Learning Wedding Sparkler Facts

Wedding Sparkler Facts
  Grand Wedding Exit is the leading sparkler company with the best pricing for soon to be newlyweds! We offer quality sparklers and the fastest shipping times throughout the nation. Grand Wedding Exit was formed to create the ease of accessibility for brides and event planners to order sparklers for their wedding or event. Our owner, Violet Stanford, was a bride herself in search of the perfect sparkler for her own grand wedding exit. Because of the great lengths she went to acquire them, she took it upon herself to bring the best wedding sparklers to brides in need of them here in the states without jumping through hoops.
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Learning About Wedding Sparklers

  There are many different sparklers to choose from; however, there is only one true wedding sparkler. The average 4th of July sparkler is smokey and ignites in flames when multiple are lit. These types of sparklers are dangerous and burn too fast. These are characteristics of a sparkler that will not look aesthetic in wedding pictures; by producing a thick smoke cloud. Our products sparkle brighter without a sulfur smell and produce little to virtually no smoke. These wedding sparklers are produced in the USA from the highest quality ingredients and materials. When comparing our sparkler to the competitors, the difference is clear in every single wedding sparkler photograph. All of our wedding sparklers are double dipped to improve burn time and the brightness of the sparkle. We offer our wedding sparklers in packages of 48 sparklers, 96 sparklers, 144 sparklers and 288 sparklers.
  The longest sparkler on the market and by far the most popular amongst brides and event planners when planning a sparkler exit. Our 36 inch wedding sparklers have a burn time of up to 3.5 to 4 minutes. This is ideal for large parties and grand wedding exits to take breathtaking photos and poses under your sparkler tunnel.
  When your wedding party has an average size of 100 wedding guests with children included, the best option would be our 20 inch sparklers. Each 20 inch sparkler has a burn time of approximately 2 to 2.5 minutes. This creates a grand effect during your sparkler exit. These medium #20 sparklers create a fantastic arch over newlyweds. Incorporating friends, family, and all of your loved ones allow your fairy tale wedding night to end just like the stories you read growing up.
  Dreams do come true when using our wedding sparklers! We test each batch of sparklers before shipping to our warehouses nationwide to be distributed to our customers front door step. The premium sparkler are similar to your 4th of July Sparkler; however, they do not produce as much smoke as the 4th of July Sparkler. In addition to not producing smoke, they have a much longer burn time. Premium Sparklers are ideal when there are an abundance of children attending your wedding. With adult supervision the little ones can be part of the action. The premium wedding sparkler have a burn time of 45 seconds to one minute.
  Our original wedding sparkler buckets are tall and polished for the perfect match to yours and many wedding themes. These wedding buckets allow each sparkler to look aesthetic and pleasing to the eye. Wedding Sparkler Buckets are used to hold the sparkler until time to be lit and serves a double purpose as a disposal of sparklers used in the exit. Filling the bucket half way with rice or sand makes it stable and holds the sparklers firmly. The wedding buckets can easily be decorated to fit your wedding theme.
  Heart sparklers tend to be custom sparklers that many companies charge a hefty price for. We have manufactured these in large wholesale quantities to enable our customers to take advantage of our low pricing. Our Heart Sparklers burn longer and brighter than those of our competitors. Heart sparklers add an elegant touch to any event and can be used in a wedding exit. We have witnessed these sparkler being used in major entrances and exits for a variety of events nation wide. The photos speak for themselves when it comes to our heart shaped wedding sparklers.
Sparklers For Wedding Tips

Wedding Sparkler 101 Tips

  When shipping sparklers there needs to be special packaging and paperwork accompanied with the sparkler. This ensures they are delivered in a timely manner and not damaged in transit. Many sparkler companies ship sparklers without proper padding and instructions. Even though we offer the strongest and brightest sparkler, we still make sure they are package correctly to ensure they are not cracked or unable to be lit when you receive them. We have a variety of options when it comes to choosing a shipping option for your wedding sparklers. We offer Free Shipping which is delivered between 8-14 business days. The second option available is FedEx Ground Shipping which is delivered between 4-6 business days. And the fastest shipping option we have to anywhere in the United States of America is FedEx 2-3 Business Day.
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