Sparklers On Cakes And Desserts

Sparklers On Cakes And Desserts
Using sparklers on cakes and desserts are becoming the new craze with brides when planning their dinner and gatherings. We love the Premium Sparklers on the wedding desserts and we admire the Dessert Sparklers on the wedding cakes. These sparklers are simple to use and easy to light. Grand Wedding exit brings the highest quality steel core sparklers to your event so you can shine bright on your wedding day/night.
Premium sparklers on your wedding desserts are the final touch to make your night that more enchanting. With the premium sparklers on the the guest desserts, it personalizes the experience with each of your guests. Your friends and family will remember how you incorporated them into one of the most important days of your life. Cupcakes and cake slices are only a couple of the ideas that premium sparklers can be used for. The options are endless with our premium sparklers.
The dessert sparklers express a fountain of showers when lit. These dessert sparklers come in gold to accent the rarity and appeal of your focal piece. Dessert sparklers will take an ordinary wedding cake and transform it into an extraordinary wedding cake. Our dessert sparklers illuminate the ambiance of the event just as you have with your partner. Special moments call for extra special sparklers in your wedding.
Both of these sparklers are easy to use and simple to light. Using any open flame source, BBQ Lighter or matches, you can light these within a few seconds. Once lit you are able to light other sparklers of the same instantaneously. When your premium sparklers or dessert sparklers are lit they last from 45 seconds to 1 and a half minutes.
At Grand Wedding Exit we give you access to a full line of wedding sparkler products. Our products are packaged in the USA and distributed by our private carrier to get them to you as soon as possible. Our products are doubled dipped to ensure extra long burn time and brighter sparklers. Being that all of our products go though a quality control test, you will virtually always receive wedding sparklers ready to go for your event. Our 36inch sparklers are our most popular. The 20 inch sparklers are a used mainly for smaller wedding. Premium sparklers are perfect for cakes and actually work well with children under adult supervision. Our wedding buckets give the sparklers a rustic yet clean look to your presentation.

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