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Sparklers vs Wedding Sparklers

Sparklers or Wedding Sparklers
  To the average bride looking to purchase wedding sparklers for their big day requires a little more research than one would think. It's not uncommon for newlyweds to be tricked into purchasing an ordinary sparklers that they believe can be used for weddings. These average sparklers you come across throughout the year are often found during the two major holidays of 4th of July and the New Year and more often than not try to be sold year around. At Grand Wedding Exit our goal is to inform all soon to be brides how to look for real wedding sparklers.

Finding Sparklers For Weddings

  So how do you tell sparklers and true wedding sparklers apart? There's a couple quick ways to determine if you have chosen the proper sparklers for your wedding. The first requirement when purchasing sparklers at your wedding is to make sure they are made with a steel wire core. These are the only types of sparklers to produce minimal smoke and ash. That means when you light your wedding sparklers they create a flawless setting which is virtually smokeless and ideal for wedding exits. When it comes to shopping online for wedding sparklers the type of sparkler should be the most important feature to consider. Majority of online sparklers sold are made with wooden or bamboo material, which they may be not even inform you the type of sparkler you will be receiving. If you do not see the exact type of online sparkler you are purchasing we absolutely do not advise you to place the order. You will immediately see that these sparkler prices are significantly cheaper than their true wedding sparklers counterparts are which makes them enticing. However, upon lighting one single ordinary sparkler will explain to you why they were priced so low. When it comes to purchasing online sparklers cheaper is not always the best option. We understand how expensive weddings can be, however making the proper choices can either make or break your sparkling grand exit at your wedding.
Wedding Sparklers vs Sparklers

Importance Of The Right Sparklers

  Grand Wedding Exit wants our brides to be as knowledgeable as possible when deciding to purchase sparklers for weddings. Another reason you will want to purchase the proper wedding sparklers comes down to desired burn times. If you use regular sparklers for weddings they will fail to have a proper dedicated burn time and possibly ruin the exit. Majority of your ordinary sparklers are not created equally and some will go out significantly quicker than others lit at the same time. It is vital when performing a sparkler exit that all of the sparkler burn times are a set amount. The last issue you want during your grand exit is having some of your wedding guests holding sparklers that aren't sparkling as your exiting through the tunnel.
  One of the best reasons for doing a sparkler exit is for how amazing these wedding pictures turn out to be! All of our wedding sparklers at Grand Wedding Exit whether you are looking at our 10 inch, 20 inch, and our most popular 36 inch sparklers have a uniform sparkling time. Our most popular sparkler for weddings happen to be our longest sparklers which have a burn time of over three and half minutes! This allows plenty of time for the newlyweds to casually exit without rushing the final celebration of your wedding night! It is also important to purchase the right size for your wedding party. With three popular sparklers sizes for weddings, you will want to pick the right sparkler for the size of your wedding. This is just another reason why it is imperative to make sure you have sparklers built with a steel wire core.
Wedding Sparklers Different Than Sparklers

Double Dipped Sparklers For Weddings

  True Wedding Sparklers From Grand Wedding Exit take the extra step to ensure they are the best sparklers for your wedding. Each sparklers goes through a double dip process which ensures that each sparkler is fully coated to burn the appropriate set time. Most online sparkler companies do not offer a double dip process, which then causes them to easily break off or easily damage in transit. Sparklers in transit tend to move around quite a bit and tiny pieces to chunks have been known come apart. With a double dip process our wedding sparklers will not only absorb heavy movement during shipment, but more importantly help ensure every sparkler burns the proper time. As we previously discussed before, having the newlyweds walk through their sparkler tunnel as some sparklers go out is something we try to avoid at Grand Wedding Exit at all times. With our double dip sparkler process you will be not have to worry about any sparklers going out too soon!

Popularity Of Wedding Sparklers

  With the growing popularity of wedding sparklers taking place over the last couple of years we wanted to make it imperative to our readers that they purchase the proper sparklers. If you ever have any questions or concerns when it comes to our sparklers for weddings do not hesitate to reach out to our full time staff. If you are looking for wholesale sparklers we are now happy to offer a dedicated section for larger sized weddings. These sparklers have become a top 5 wedding favor add on and we want to make sure the sparklers you choose for your wedding do not disappoint! When it comes to finding the right sparkler make sure they are made with a steel wire core, double dipped, and the proper size for your wedding venue.
Wedding Sparklers are not normal sparklers

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