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Heart Sparklers on Valentine's Day

Valentine Heart Sparklers

  Valentine's Day is a special day dedicated to those you love and would like to express your love to. Here at Grand Wedding Exit we love to incorporate our sparklers with your loved ones on your special day. In an effort to compliment your significant other with a heart sparkler, we have put all sparklers on sale. All products are on a 15% mark down from original pricing. The heart sparklers are a custom made sparkler, can be used in various situations, and also come in bulk quantities.
Valentines Heart Sparkler


Buy Heart Sparklers Online

  Grand Wedding Exit Heart Sparklers are 100% custom sculpted to achieve the perfect heart shape and quality sparkle. The heart sparklers are made in here in the United States of America (USA). We make all of our products here to ensure quality control and products being made with the highest quality materials. The steel wire core we use in our sparklers allow only our sparklers to sparkle with virtually no smoke. This aides in being able to capture the most outstanding photos on that special day. Valentine's Day is iconic for wedding proposals and incorporating the Heart Sparklers not only blends amazing with the theme, but it also adds that last fairy-tale touch.

  Whether you are proposing, celebrating an anniversary or celebrating Valentine's Day with that special someone, Grand Wedding Exit has just the thing to put your day over the top and make it one to remember. This Valentine's Day our Heart Sparklers are on a 15% Off Sale along with all of our other products. On Valentine's Day our heart sparklers ignite the night after watching the sunset with your special someone. In the instant of "she said yes!" lighting the Heart Sparklers engulf each other in a love sparkle surrounded with a touch of elegance. Wedding anniversaries and relationship anniversaries are common on Valentine's Day. Snapping a picture with the Heart Sparkler or any one of our sparklers is guaranteed to get you on that Instagram popular page.
love heart sparklers

Heart Sparklers For Valentine's

  Our Heart Shaped Sparklers are available all year round with various quantities to accommodate your sparkling needs. Our Heart Shaped Wedding Sparkler variations are 6 Heart Sparklers, 36 Heart Sparklers, 72 Heart Sparklers, and 144 Heart Sparklers. You can always feel free to contact us at anytime for custom orders larger than what we provide on the website. No matter when your event is taking place, we are positive that if you order in advance, we can get them to you in time with the proper shipping and handling method. We offer free shipping on all of our products. The FedEx Free Smart Post Shipping takes between 8-14 Business Days. Our FedEx Ground option takes between 6-7 Business Days. And our FedEx 4-5 Day takes between 4-5 Business days for that package to arrive at your destination.
Romantic Heart Sparklers

  So with Valentine's Day slowly approaching and and any other special events you may have, do not forget the missing part to make the moment special. heart Shaped Sparklers from Grand Wedding Exit. We are available during business hours across the US to assist you. With our 15% Off sale that will not last long, order your Heart Shaped Wedding Sparklers today. Valentine's Day is one of those special days out of the year where we express our gratification and love for another. We also offer 36 inch wedding sparklers, 20 inch wedding sparklers, 10 inch premium wedding sparklers, sky lanterns, and wedding sparkler buckets. Our 36 inch wedding sparklers have a 4 min burn time. Our 20 inch sparklers have a 3 min burn time. Our 10 inch wedding sparklers have a 2 minute burn time. Our sky lanterns are the new way to complete a wedding send off. We specialize in wedding sparkler exits and anything to add the sparkle to your event.
Valentine Sparklers

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