Georgia Wedding Sparkler Laws

Georgia Wedding Sparklers


Wedding Sparklers In Georgia

  The state of Georgia allows the use of sparklers for weddings. You can use wedding sparklers in Georgia and many of its surrounding cities. When planning on using wedding sparklers for your event or wedding day make sure to check with your venue. As wedding sparklers become one of the hottest wedding trends venues are now allowing sparklers on your wedding exit. Most venues now offer a dedicated spot for you to perform sparkler exits. When planning on using exit sparklers for your wedding make sure to be aware of sparkler laws in Georgia.  

  Georgia wedding sparklers in Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, or any other city in Georgia, are quite the eye catcher. Even though they created The Girl Scouts, founded in Savannah by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912, Georgia is a holy land for dream weddings. With hundreds of dream wedding packages and outdoor venues, you are at ease to know professional are assisting you in a sparkling wedding. Wedding sparklers are part of Georgia event planners top 10 must haves at an outdoor wedding! With that being said, we suggest at least more than half of your wedding guests list of sparklers should be purchased. This would be a sufficient amount of sparklers to make the grand wedding exit one to remember. Georgia weddings are always fascinating with all the rustic antique locations in the area. Wedding sparklers add that extra pop to any wedding, especially at all Georgia wedding.

State of Georgia Sparkler Laws:

  Georgia sparkler laws permit sparklers up to 100 grams each, fountains, snakes, glow worms, snappers, and party poppers. This means you can use our most popular 36 inch wedding sparklers and 20 inch sparklers. However, Georgia prohibits firecrackers, torpedoes, sky rockets, roman candles, and bombs. You are able to sell and purchase sparklers year round in Georgia as long as you are at least 18 years old. 


  Venues and wedding locations throughout the state of Georgia allow wedding sparklers to be used indoor and outdoors with the proper handling and care. It is always a great idea to explain your vision to your wedding planner this way your wedding sparklers exit can be executed seamlessly. The most common way to set up your grand wedding exit would be to create two envoys on either end of your exit pathway. Using the most popular 36 inch sparklers to create a wedding sparkler arch allows you to slowly embrace the the exit.

*At Grand Wedding Exit we always strive to keep our sparkler laws updated with the most current Georgia regulations. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of our sparkler information. We use this as a guideline for you to reference and you should always check with Georgia state law before using sparklers for your wedding. Grand Wedding Exit is not held accountability for an errors in the information stated on our website, and will not be responsible for any violations of firework and sparkler laws.