Pennsylvania Wedding Sparkler Laws

Pennsylvania Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers In Pennsylvania

  Pennsylvania is the most popular state to use sparklers for wedding and events. You will have no issues using wedding sparklers in Pennsylvania. Majority of sparklers are actually crafted in the state Pennsylvania. Perhaps this why wedding sparklers are one of the most popular wedding items in the midwest region. Make sure to check with your wedding venue if they allow the use of wedding sparklers as they have the power to let you perform a sparkling exit. 

  You will be able to easily use sparklers in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and any other location in Pennsylvania. Our goal is to give as much sparkler laws and news when you plan on using these exit sparklers. When planning to use wedding sparklers make sure to check our sparkler safety section to use these properly. Please make sure to read the Pennsylvania sparkler laws before using them for your wedding exit. 

State of Pennsylvania Sparkler Laws:

​  Pennsylvania allows the use of sparklers, wedding sparklers, pistols, any explosives less than .20 grams of explosive compound. Pennsylvania allows a number of consumer fireworks as well as aerial. You must be at least 18 years old to purchase sparklers for weddings. You should have no issue finding sparklers for sale throughout the year. You will want to make sure you purchase true wedding sparklers as opposed to your typical pyrotechnic sparklers. At Grand Wedding Exit we specialize virtually smokeless and ash-less which help make for some of the best wedding pictures of the entire night. We offer longer sparklers such as our 20 inch sparkler and most popular 36 inch wedding sparklers.

*At Grand Wedding Exit we always strive to keep our sparkler laws updated with the most current Pennsylvania regulations. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of our sparkler information. We use this as a guideline for you to reference and you should always check with Pennsylvania state law before using sparklers for your wedding. Grand Wedding Exit is not held accountability for an errors in the information stated on our website, and will not be responsible for any violations of firework and sparkler laws.