How Do You Store Wedding Sparklers?

How Do You Store Wedding Sparklers?


  If we plan to use wedding send off sparklers, we need to understand how to safely store them. Sparklers can last up to 2 years, which means they can be bought in advance. Storing wedding sparklers properly comes down to keeping them dry, keeping them away from heat, and making sure they are secured especially if we have any children or pets in our home. If we store our sparklers properly, they will always work when we reach for them to add some fun and excitement to any event.


Keep Wedding Sparklers Dry


  The most important thing when storing sparklers is to make sure we keep them completely dry before the wedding. No one wants to discover at the wedding that the sparklers we bought have gotten damp and no longer work. We need to avoid exposing our unused sparklers to any type of moisture including humidity. A wet sparkler won’t light, so we must make sure we don’t store our sparklers where they could be exposed to water from floods, sprinklers or even an open window. A climate-controlled environment such as a closet is the best place to store wedding sparklers.


Keep Wedding Sparklers Away From Heat


  Wedding sparklers should also be kept away from excessive heat. When humidity is mixed with heat, there is a rare possibility that our sparklers could ignite on their own. In these cases, even a small spark can cause a sparkler to light. A sparkler by itself won’t cause a fire, but any paper items or other flammable materials nearby can. We must prevent fires by keeping our sparklers away from excessive heat as well as direct sunlight. Once again, a good place to store wedding sparklers is in a closet without windows.


Store Unused Sparklers in a Container


  If we are planning on storing our sparklers in a garage or other non-climate-controlled space, we may want to consider putting them in some type of sealed storage bag, plastic tote, or even vacuum sealing them. If we can keep the ambient air around the sparklers from touching the pyrotechnic compound on the sparkler wire, we greatly reduce the chance of them absorbing any moisture. In a pinch we can even keep sparklers dry by using items we all have kicking around our homes such as tying them inside grocery bags. This will help reduce the moisture that our wedding sparklers have contact with. If we get a few airtight containers this will allow us to purchase our sparklers in bulk for future use at other events and celebrations. 


Store Out Of Reach Of Children 


  Sparklers are fun, and kids know that. While sparklers are safe when used with adult supervision, kids shouldn’t play with them alone. We need to make sure to store wedding sparklers away from where kids might be looking for toys or otherwise exploring. For example, it is better to store them on the top shelf of our closet in a nondescript container instead of on the floor in a container labeled sparklers, because this reduces the chance that kids will get into them. For more sparkler safety check out our wedding sparkler guide to be prepared and ready for the fun a wedding sparkler exit can provide.


Store Out Of Reach Of Pets


  In addition to storing sparklers away from kids we should also store them out of reach of pets. Anyone who has a pet knows how they tend to get into things that they should not. The chemicals in a sparkler could seriously harm a pet if they decided to try eating the sparkler because it looked like a stick or a toy. If we have pets, we need to make sure that we never leave sparklers out in the open when we are not present. Using sparklers should be a joyous occasion not involving taking our pet to the vet last minute.


  Wedding sparklers are wonderful because they can be bought in advance, reducing our last-minute stress. Since they can keep for an extended period, it is important that we know how to store them safely. When storing wedding sparklers, it is all about keeping them away from moisture and excessive heat. This applies whether you have purchased 20 inch sparklers or 36 inch wedding sparklers. Often the best place to store them is in an airtight container in our closets. It is also important that we store them in a place where kids and pets won’t get a hold of them and accidentally injure themselves. With a little bit of planning, we can store our sparklers for sale in a way that keeps everyone in our household safe, while also making sure that our sparklers work the way we want them to at our wedding or other celebration.

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