36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

Double-Dipped, Gold Glow & Long Lasting

Transform your wedding send-off into a breathtaking spectacle with the longest and most beloved sparklers on the market. Our 36-inch wedding sparklers promise an unrivaled four minutes of radiant, golden brilliance, allowing you and your guests to orchestrate a stunning exit under a luminous archway of sparks. Perfect for capturing this magical moment, these sparklers ensure that your final farewell is as memorable as the celebration itself.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each sparkler features a robust steel wire core, ensuring a nearly smokeless and ash-less display for flawless photos. The double-dipping process guarantees a consistent, vibrant glow that beautifully illuminates every snapshot, turning your joyful goodbye into a highlight of your wedding album. With their impressive length and durability, our 36-inch sparklers guarantee a spectacular photo opportunity that captures the joy and elegance of your send-off, making each moment shine brightly in your memories.

Golden Brilliance

Each sparkler is double-dipped ensuring a rich, golden hue that brilliantly illuminates.

Extended Elegance

Sparklers feature a slow-burning design, ensuring your exit is beautifully lit for lasting memories.

Clean Celebration

Built with a steel wire core, burn virtually smokeless & ashless, ensuring a clean & brilliant display.

Wedding Guarantee

Stress-free planning: free shipping on orders & 100% refund if your sparklers don't arrive on time.

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Golden Glow for 4 Full Minutes - Enjoy Free Same-Day Shipping on Orders Over $50.00 - Designed to make medium & large weddings unforgettable. 36-inch wedding sparklers are meticulously crafted for a brilliantly bright, extended display. Double-dipped for extra radiance & built with a durable steel wire core, these sparklers shine steadily, ensuring your wedding exit is not only smokeless & ash-less but also truly spectacular.

Clear Skies: The Grand Wedding Exit Difference

Designed for unforgettable moments, our sparklers for wedding events feature a steel wire core & double-dipped process, promising a smokeless display from start to finish. As you take your grand exit, let our sparklers for wedding send off light your way with clarity and brilliance, leaving traditional smoke behind.

Traditional Sparklers

Grand Exit Sparklers


250,000 Weddings

Honored to Illuminate Every Love Story

Our 36-inch sparklers have illuminated the celebrations of countless newlyweds with four minutes of vibrant, smoke-free glow. Ideal for any wedding, from intimate gatherings to lavish festivities, these sparklers guarantee a grand exit enveloped in a magnificent arch of light. Their extended burn time allows you and your guests to fully indulge in the spectacle and ensure photographers capture every radiant moment. Trusted by couples nationwide, our 36-inch sparklers truly make each moment of your send-off unforgettable.

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Janalee H.

We are looking forward in using them! June 5th is the big day!


Product was well worth the money

Kaylee E.

36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

Stephanie F.

36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

Kelly L.B.

They were perfect thx

36-Inch Wedding Sparkler Insights: Essential FAQs for Spectacular Wedding Send-offs

Allow us to address all your burning questions about our 36-inch sparklers, guaranteeing your wedding day dazzles magnificently.

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