Gender Reveal

Gender Reveal Announcements at Weddings & Events

Gender Reveal Announcements at Weddings and Events


  With the craze of gender reveal flooding the social media time lines, Grand Wedding Exit is here to give you advice on where to get your products and how to properly use them. Popularity rise in gender reveal parties have led to many expecting moms to come up with creative ways to unveil the gender of their baby even at weddings! There are various products that can be used at gender reveal parties and there are a variety of ideas. Gender Reveal Celebrations is our favorite choice for gender reveal products online.


  Gender Reveal Celebrations offers a variety of products on their site and we will be evaluating them today! The categories vary from sports reveals to balloons and confetti cannons. All products and items available at Gender Reveal Celebrations are available in pink or blue colors and can be ordered in various quantities. You can mix and match the products or even create large family celebrations.


Popular Gender Reveal Ideas


  Gender Reveal Balloons is one of the fun ways to POP the gender into existence. Their gender reveal balloons are 36 inches and non transparent. With no transparency it does not give away the gender of your new born. Depending on the gender of your baby, there will be pink or blue confetti. Gender reveal balloons have been trending on social media recently and the demand has increased. Revealing the gender by handheld smoke sticks have be used in various celebrity reveals across the nation. Gender Reveal Smoke Bombs come in two colors: Pink and Blue. The smoke lasts between 60-75 seconds which give you ample time to celebrate the gender of your newborn. Another popular items are gender reveal confetti cannons. Do not forget to capture the moment in this smoke filled arena. You and your significant other can take the most creative photos by creating smoke clouds to emerge from.


  From our family at Sky Lanterns For Sale, they use the resound original sky lanterns for their gender reveal. Sky lanterns can be used for numerous occasions and has recently moved in to gender reveal celebratory events. What their customers have suggested was to write the gender of the baby in your color of choice on the sky lantern. Then with the written side facing away, fill the sky lanterns with hot air to have it turn and reveal the gender of your newborn. This ensures for a high anticipation being able to be built up to the grand reveal.


  The Chinese sky lanterns from Sky Lanterns For Sale come in different shapes and sizes. The most wanted shape is the original diamond shaped sky lanterns and in a creme color which is easy to see lettering. There are several other shapes that are Cylinder sky lanterns which are tall. They Heart shaped sky lanterns are handmade as well and are a creme colored heart shaped sky lantern that illuminates beyond belief when in the night or day sky.


Gender Reveal Sparkler Ideas


  One of the most extravagant ways to introduce your new baby to the world is adding a sparkler incorporation to the reveal. Our go to option for sparkler gender reveals is by conducting a sparklers writing activity and having the photographer reveal the special moment. Sparkler writing can only be captured by the photographer using a long exposure setting on the professional camera. This allows for the few people spelling out the gender of the new born in a constant motion. Once the photographer snaps that special picture, the gender will be written out for the entire family to see. The most recommended sparkler for this project is our 36 inch wedding sparklers solely for the sparkle time!

  Gender reveal celebrations can be an amazing time to have all the loved family and friends. From our experience, you have to have your own unique taste when it comes to making the event personal. The simplest theme go a long way! More importantly, don't forget to soak it all in and enjoy the moment! 

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