Sparklers At Weddings

Wedding Exit with Sparklers

Wedding Exit with Sparklers


  It’s always the case that when you look back on your wedding day many brides wish she did this or didn’t do that, but having sparkler send-offs for the bride and groom is definitely one that you wish you did. Instead of using flower petals, sending the couple off with a stunning sparkler exit can be nothing but amazing and a one of a kind moment. Sparklers are not only easy to get, but also make great decorations at the wedding reception. To help get you inspired we’ve collected magical sparkler send-off ideas and tips that will help you make a happy ending to your wedding day!


Ensure You Get The Proper Sparklers For Wedding


  Because our wedding sparklers are virtually smoke-free, you can use them indoors during and after your wedding at your wedding reception. For a flawless sparkler exit you need to make sure you order the correct type of wedding sparkler for your event. I know there are many different types of sparklers online to choose from, so making sure you get the correct type for your wedding is important. Everyone wants that perfect sparkling exit picture, so be sure to use smokeless sparklers. Make sure to purchase wedding sparklers that are made with a steel wire core. If you buy sparklers made of wood or bamboo you will have the farthest thing from a fairy-tale wedding exit.


Amount of Wedding Guests Dictate The Size Of Sparklers


  Finding the right size of wedding sparklers has a lot to do with how many guests you’ll have attending. You want to make sure to get sparklers that have a long enough burn time for the appropriate wedding guests. The last thing you want is to come out for your beautiful exit, only to see half of the sparklers already burned out. Our 20 inch sparklers have a burn time of 2 mins and are recommend for weddings with 100 guests or less. While our 36 inch wedding sparklers have a burn time of 3.5 mins and are recommend for weddings over 100 guests attending. Both sparklers are made with easy light tips and are smokeless allowing you to produce the best wedding pictures possible. We do not recommend using our premium sparklers for a wedding exit as the burn time is not suitable to perform this act.


Notify Wedding Guests of Sparkler Exit


  Make sure all your guest know when your sparkling wedding exit will be taking place. A sparkler sign is such a cute and fun way to display your important message, as well as letting your guests know when your exit is taking place. If you do not inform your wedding guests of your planned sparkler exit they may leave early and miss the last celebration of the newlyweds. That's why at Grand Wedding Exit we urge you to have your wedding planner help notify everyone a wedding sparkler exit will be taking place. Over the past ten years we have typically found approximately ten percent of your wedding party will leave early before you perform a wedding exit with sparklers.


Lighting Wedding Sparklers Made Easy


  Did you know that the best way to light a sparkler is with another sparkler! Guests can hold their wedding sparklers above, creating a glowing walkway of golden sparks. This display will provide a magical sight that will be remembered forever. Wedding guest can create a brilliant tunnel of light by igniting their sparklers as the bride and groom make their grand exit. Imagine the breathtaking pictures taken by your photographer as everyone waves sizzling sparklers in the background. We recommend using a barbecue or butane lighter when you attempt to light the sparklers.


Speak With Your Wedding Photographer


  Be sure and talk with your photographer about the sparkler shots you want. Do you want your newlywed to dip you back and give you a kiss, do you want to fist pump in the air with excitement you are finally married, whatever you want make sure your photographer is aware. You made it through the chaos of planning a wedding, you are marring the love of your life, so relax and enjoy it. Your wedding day will be a day you’ll never forget, but it goes by all too quickly. So don’t forget to have fun! Celebrate this new chapter of your life with the ones you love.


Get Creative with Heart Sparklers


  After the wedding ceremony is over and the picture taking goes into full speed, heart shaped sparklers make a wonderful addition to many of the pictures. You can have some of your guests surround you in sparklers or create a golden shower raining over you. Be creative and let everyone get involved in the photos, even kids. Please use adult supervision when allowing children to use sparklers at all times. If you want to add an extra touch to your wedding sparklers, why not pick up a few of our heart shaped sparklers to go with them? You can hold them for several different shots. You don’t have to worry about clouds of smoke ruining your pictures, so go ahead and get creative.


Cleaning Up Wedding Sparklers


  We get asked all the time how to properly dispose of the sparkler after they have all gone out. Be sure your wedding planner, venue coordinator, or whoever is staying behind to clean up after you leave knows how to dispose sparklers properly and effectively. Have a wedding sparkler bucket of sand or water for your guest to put their sparklers in. Quick tip, use the same bucket you used to display your sparklers in. Once they are out and cold they can be thrown away.

  Even if you aren’t getting married, our sparklers are a great choice to give as party favors at any event. From birthdays, New Year’s Eve celebrations, family reunions, Independence Day and other occasions, our sparklers will make your gathering more memorable. They are also great for corporate events, cookouts, and any other reason you can find to bring a group of people together to have fun.

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