Getting Married While Pregnant: How to Rock that Pink Wedding?

Pink Wedding sparkle
Expecting a baby at the most unexpected moment is not a mistake, but a blessing. Not all couples can have an offspring of their own even with the use of medical interventions. Whether it’s a planned pregnancy or unplanned wedding, you and your partner should feel lucky since you’re bound to be joined by a little bundle of joy.
The judgmental eyes of society makes it hard for pregnant women to get married in the church. Some prefer to hide and settle for civil wedding, while others just go for an intimate get together with close family and friends.
Just because you got a pregnant belly, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be stylish in your own wedding. There are many ways on how to achieve the look of an elegant and glowing bride. The key is, don’t stop hiding it! Flaunt it!
Work it like you own it
Don’t be conscious with your growing maternal figure. Instead of hiding it, be proud that finally you’ll soon be performing the noblest job of all – being a mother. There’s no reason to be ashamed or feel humiliated, the point is you make things formal by getting married. We’re already past that medieval custom that women’s first kiss should be on their wedding day. Don’t forget to add that very unique wedding cake topper called expecting couple cake topper. It would be a great way to announce that you’re expecting!
Go for Comfortable Footwear
If you’re on the first weeks of pregnancy, then you can still wear those stilettos. But if it’s already around 2nd or 3rd trimester, fancy flats would be the best option for you. The weight of the little human you’re nurturing on your uterus adds a lot of load to your spine up to your feet. It’s one of the challenging part of pregnancy. So for you to have fun, exchange high heels for doll shoes at the mean time.
Dress to Impress Sexy Mama
Mistakes most pregnant brides make is to wear oversized wedding dresses to cover sudden weight gain and to hide their bellies. Remember that this is a once in a lifetime moment. You don’t want to look bad in the pictures just because of an ill-fitting dress. Choose a design that will do the job of accentuating your curves. You have to feel sexy in order to look sexy. Like what most people say, how you feel inside reflects on the outside.
Serve Non Alcoholic Drinks
It might be bummer that you won’t be able to drink cosmos with your bridesmaids. Weddings are livelier when you get a little tipsy. In addition, a little punch of alcohol can lessen the anxiety of getting married. But since you’re not allowed to, involve everyone as well.
Take it Easy. Relax and Enjoy.
You may feel depressed since you’re not your usual “life of the party” self. You want to entertain guests here and there, however, you get tired easily. You haven’t eaten anything and yet you still want to throw up that piece of cake you’ve taken from the cake cutting ceremony. Oh well, that’s how pregnancy goes. You’ll get sensitive physically and emotionally. What you must do is just to sit back. One benefit of being pregnant is everybody will be very empathizing to your condition.
Adding Touches of Pink in Your Pregnant Wedding Design
There are only few girls in this world who doesn’t appreciate pink. For many, having a pink inspired wedding is like a dream come true. Grooms might not agree at first since pink ensembles femininity. But with proper styling and choosing the right tone, pink matched with other color will truly make your wedding stand out.
Pastel Pink for your Bridesmaids’ Dresses
The good thing about this shade is that it compliments almost all kinds of eye and skin color. Plus, you don’t have to convince your bridesmaid to wear pink during your big day since most probably it’s here favorite color too.
Pink Centerpieces and Place Cards
There are lots of wedding decorations you could utilize when aiming for that elegant romantic pink wedding. Some of the items you could use are vintage wooden trinket box and vintage pink place cards. A combination of pink and gold is also pleasing just like the Venice gold serving set. When it comes to centerpieces, you can never go wrong with vintage gold wire tree centerpiece, vintage white wooden pomander ball, silk hydrangea petals, and adoration support boxes.
Pink Wedding Shoes
White gown paired with the traditional silver or white shoes are overrated. Why not surprise everyone by wearing those cute pointed hot pink stilettos underneath your skirt. It would look great on pictures. In addition, you can still wear this after your wedding since it doesn’t have that too much “wedding statement” to it.
Pink Botanical
Shower your wedding venue with different types of flowers that are shaded with various pink hues. Create an ark studded with pink roses that will welcome your entrance in the aisle. Add a touch of baby pink and yellow roses on your wedding bouquet. Incorporate elegant pink orchids as a part of your centerpiece.
Pink Invitations and Save the Date Cards
Make your invitations stunning by selecting a type of paper that would really highlight the palette of pink. You can mix and match it with different colors like pink and gold or pink and silver. But if you really prefer sticking to an all pink wedding, you can combine a darker and lighter shades of pink.
Wedding Sparklers at your Wedding
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