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Wedding Sparkler Trends of 2020

Wedding Sparklers Trends
  Welcome to Grand Wedding Exit! We are in love with being a part of wedding days; every day, we have the honor of speaking with bride and grooms from all over the United States and are continuing to learn about new wedding trends and wedding supplies. It is an ever-changing industry with so many different forms of expressing your very special wedding day.

Latest Wedding Sparkler Trends

  Our selection of wedding products begin with our famous Wedding Sparklers. Wedding Sparklers have been a popular product for wedding exits. Commonly referred as sparkler exits or sparkler sendoffs, wedding planners agree that any wedding should end with a memorable wedding exit! Sparklers have become a staple in wedding exists given their magical appeal and undeniably amazing wedding pictures. Bride, grooms and wedding guests always look forward to seeing their amazing sparkler pictures.
Exit Sparklers
PRODUCT OVERVIEW Customers have the option of choosing their sparkler size (20inch or 36inch), quantity (48, 96, 144, or 288), and including add-on items such as Sparkler Buckets, Premium Sparklers, or Heart Sparklers. Opting for the complete "look," which includes sparklers and buckets, creates a full display package for your sparklers, giving you the option to display them before your wedding exit.

Trending Sparklers For Weddings

  For anyone only seeking to purchase sparklers, we also offer them as single items. With our famous quantity sets of 48, 96, 144, and 288. Bride and grooms can purchase their wedding sparklers and decorate them as they wish. Whether you are purchasing our wedding sparklers package or only wedding sparklers, rest assure that you are purchasing top quality wedding sparklers. When buying sparklers, there are a few things to check for. First, your sparklers must be made with a steel wire core. Having a steel wire core allows your wedding day sparklers to produce minimal smoke when ignited. The idea behind sparklers is to capture their clear sparkles for memorable wedding pictures. Opting for lower quality sparklers unfortunately hinders the potential of breath taking sparkler pictures, not to mention the lackluster wedding exit experience. Grand Wedding Exit offers "wedding venue" approved wedding products to match your perfect wedding day.
  Although all of our sparklers perform beautifully during your wedding sendoff or photoshoots, there are a few differences amongst the 3 sparkler sizes. Simply put, 36inch sparklers sparkle for roughly 3.5-4 minutes, 20inch sparklers for 2.5-3 minutes, and Premium sparklers for about 50 seconds. Purchasing poor quality sparklers or fourth of July sparklers can increase the risk of injury amongst your wedding guests. Poor quality wedding sparklers are built with a bamboo core, which ignites as the sparkler sparkles. Grand Wedding Exit guarantees "bride and groom" approved sparklers for the best wedding exit experience!
Sparkling Wedding Exit

  Heart Sparklers are one of our hottest wedding sparkler supplies additions! Bride and Grooms quickly fell in love with the romantic appeal of heart sparklers. Though we cannot fully recommend heart sparklers for your wedding exit (given the 40 second sparkle time), we highly encourage incorporating these unique sparklers in your wedding. For instance, bride, groom, or wedding party can take advantage of the romance of heart sparklers to take intimate wedding pictures. Bridal parties are also welcomed to create a mix package of sparklers for their wedding sendoff in which heart sparklers are a perfect fit.

Sparkler Exit Add On Ideas

  Incorporating sparklers into your wedding day is a fantastic idea! We at Grand Wedding Exit expanded our wedding sparkler supplies to make sure customers get the most out of their sparklers! We want your guests to appreciate the full participation of your wedding day sparklers. With the incorporation of Wedding Buckets, your guests will be fully aware of your sparkler exit. We wouldn't want any guest to leave before the sparkler sendoff and miss out on such a magical wedding exit! Fill each wedding bucket with 48 or 96 sparklers and decorate it with a rustic sign from a local art shop. Feel free to include common phrases such as "Light the Way for the Bride and Groom" or "Sparkler Exit at (time)." Our sparkler inventory also includes Premium Sparklers. With a sparkle time of about 50 seconds, premium sparklers are great sparkler "lighters." We recommend lighting a few premium sparklers with matches or lighters first, then using these sparklers to light your 20inch or 36inch long sparklers. Additionally, kids can take part in the sparkler exit with their very own premium sparklers since it is only about 10inches in length.
Cake Sparklers For Weddings

  Sky Lanterns just in case sparklers for your wedding is not an option, we offer a unique wedding exit product: sky lanterns. Often referred as flying lanterns or Chinese lanterns, sky lanterns offer a peaceful, reflective wedding exit. All you simply need is an open space and either matches or lighters. Guests can then unfold their sky lantern and once everyone lights each of their lanterns, release them all at once (preferably at night). Everyone can then enjoy the view as their Chinese lanterns light the night sky!

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