how do you light sparklers for weddings

How Do You Light Wedding Sparklers?

How Do You Light Wedding Sparklers


  Wedding sparklers really can take a bride and groom's big day to the next level. Sparklers can be used throughout both the wedding service and reception but often are chosen to be used to create an amazing arch for the wedding party to exit through. Sparklers are a great addition to any wedding, but it is important to make sure everyone knows how to use them safely. We want our weddings to be remembered for the love between the bride and groom and for the wonderful service not because there was a technical issue with our sparklers. To make sure that the sparklers that we use add and don’t subtract from the big day it is important to understand how to light wedding sparklers in a quick and safe manner.


What Lighters Should We Use?


  The first question someone might have when considering using sparklers at a wedding is how to quickly and safely light wedding sparklers. They will want to know how to make sure that the lighters they use are safe. We recommend using a barbecue lighter or butane lighter to light the first few then you can simply touch one sparkler with a group of sparklers to quickly ignite the entire line. This is more likely to create the effect that we want than if we use traditional matches which tend to blow out at the most inconvenient times or if we try to light each individual sparkler by hand.


What Is the Best Technique?


  When we think about using sparklers, we might wonder what the best technique would be to get them all lit. We recommend starting by lighting the two lines at the beginning and end. This is a quick process and means that the sparkler lines will meet in the middle. You can have 144 sparklers easily lit in under 30 seconds which really is impressive. Being able to light all of the 20 inch or 36 inch wedding sparklers quickly is important because they look best as a whole, and few of us have the time to burn each individual sparkler one at a time. By starting at the beginning and end and meeting in the middle the overall effect of the sparklers is highlighted. 


What About the Wedding Guests?


  We find that it's best to have someone in charge to help put people in line and guide the process of lighting sparklers. Weddings are often busy events and guests can easily get confused about what is expected from them next. Having a person in charge can make this process a lot smoother. One tip for the individual who oversees the sparklers is to have wedding guests take a sparkler as they exit to line up to keep everything organized. Note some guests may choose to take two so they can hold one in each hand, so it is a good idea to have a few extra on hand. It may also make sense to do a practice run ahead of time with the guests so that all the wedding guests know what is happening and what they are supposed to do. 


How Do We Keep Everyone Safe?


  While sparklers are a great addition to any wedding it is important that everyone who uses them is guided so there is little chance that someone grabs the wrong end and ends up injured. We all want to make sure we light our wedding sparklers in a safe manner. This can be one of the roles for the person in charge to help. A simple reminder about which end to hold and in what direction they should be facing will mean everyone stays safe and enjoys the wonderful wedding. Sparklers are wonderful but like any open flame it is important that we pay attention to what we are doing to make sure that they do not cause anyone any trouble or distract from the bride and groom.


  Wedding sparklers are a great way to make any wedding an event that the bride and groom will remember for years to come. When we use premium sparklers it is important that we know how to use them to create the best experience that we can. It is useful to have someone in charge of the sparklers to help the guests as they grab one for the bride and grooms to walk out under. The best technique is to light both ends of the line of sparklers with a barbecue lighter or butane lighter, so the sparklers meet in the middle. This is a way to make sure that everyone stays safe, and the wonderful memories are made. 

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