How Many Sparklers Do You Need For 100 Guests?

How Many Sparklers Do You Need For 100 Guests


  When we plan for a wedding celebration, we often find there feels like an ever-growing list of tasks that must be checked off our to-do lists. The happy couple have guest lists to make, cakes to try, dresses or suits to buy, venues to book, and decorations to choose. One component of many weddings is choosing sparklers to create an amazing wedding exit for the couple. When thinking about using sparklers as part of a wedding celebration we may have a long list of questions about the process and how to best use wedding sparklers for the most amazing effect.


How sparklers can fit into a wedding?


  Sparklers can be used throughout the wedding ceremony. Many couples choose to use sparklers to make an archway that the happy couple can walk under or tunnel they can walk through as they leave. This creates space for amazing photos that the couple will treasure for years to come. Others choose to use sparklers in various shapes to bring a touch of extra romance or elegance to the wedding celebration. Mix and mingle heart shaped wedding sparklers with our traditional 20 or 36 inch sparklers. Our handcrafted wedding sparklers with a steel wire core ensures the least amount of smoke & ash for any event. It is also wise to choose a sparkler which is double dipped to ensure all the sparklers burn steady with the brightest glow. It just makes sense that if you are going to use sparklers you should use ones of the highest quality. 


Are all sparklers the same?


  Nope, we have a wide range of sparklers to choose from so you can pick the perfect one for your event. We have sparklers that come it 36-inch, 20-inch, and 14-inch sizes. We also have sparklers that come in various shapes such as stars or hearts. Finally, we have premium sparklers which work well if the couple want to use them inside during a toast or the first dance. No matter where during the ceremony or afterparty someone wants to use sparklers or someone’s budget there is a sparkler that is a great fit for them.


How many sparklers do you need for 100 guests?


  Once you have decided that you want to incorporate sparklers into your event one of your first questions is likely to be how many you need to purchase to create the effect that you want. Typically, we find that 10% of wedding guests leave before the grand wedding exit where sparklers are often used. This would mean buying 90, but we recommend buying our pack of 96 as some guests prefer to hold two sparklers and it's never a bad idea to have a few extra for fun sparkler photos with the wedding party or for the bride and groom to keep. You can really take some creative photos with sparklers and create memories that everyone will remember long into the future. Also, if you have one or two extra sparklers the bride and groom can always light them later such as at their one-year anniversary since our sparklers have a shelf life of two to three years 


What is the best way to light sparklers?


  While planning your wedding you may wonder what the quickest and safest way will be to light your sparklers so they can safely be enjoyed by all. We recommend using a barbecue lighter or butane lighter to light the first few then you can simply touch one sparkler with a group of sparklers to quickly ignite the entire line. Start lighting the two lines at the beginning and end and meet in the middle for the quickest process. Almost anyone can light the sparklers through adult supervision is needed if a child is chosen to light them. Consider having a sparkler bucket to make it easy for guests to dispose of their sparklers after the exit. Check out our discounted sparkler for wedding send off kit which includes everything you need for the perfect wedding exit. 


How can you organize your guests for a sparkler filled send off?


  It's often best to have someone in charge to help put people in line and help guide the process. Often the best way to inform guests that sparklers are going to be used is as simple as having someone say something like we are about to send off the bride and groom, please grab a sparkler out of the sparkler bucket by the back door and meet us outside. It is important to give guests some guidance since using sparklers at weddings is still a new tradition and many may never have experienced their use before. To stay safe, it is important that guests are reminded that sparklers are giving off sparks and therefore they need to be careful how they hold them so that everyone can stay safe. Let Grand Wedding Exit help you learn how to light wedding sparklers. Check out all of our wedding sparkler ideas when planning your big day!

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