Wedding Bubble Wands

How To Use Bubbles For Weddings

How To Use Bubbles For Weddings


  Whatever our age, there is something about bubbles that makes us smile. Bubbles are both pretty to look at and fun to create. They can be used inside or outside and are a wonderful addition to any activity, including our wedding celebration. Wedding Bubbles are also a great choice if other ways we could celebrate, such as using wedding sparklers, just won’t work because of the location of our event or because we have young children who will be attending. Using a little creativity, there are many ways we can add bubbles to our wedding and create a joyous celebration. 


How To Use Wedding Bubble Wands


  Bubble wands are a great way to get all our guests involved in a wedding send-off. We can hand out heart shaped bubble wands to everyone who is present and create a pathway of bubbles for the happy couple to run through as they exit the ceremony. Bubble wands can also be given away as wedding favors. or used as part of our table decorations. No matter how we incorporate bubble wands into our celebration, they allow guests to fill the air with bubbles all night long. Bubble wands allow for a personal touch and create a sense of community and fun. Wedding bubble wands create great pictures because they put a smile on everyone’s face, and a smiling face always makes for a great picture. 


How To Use Bubble Guns for a Wedding


  Wedding bubble guns are a great way to incorporate others into our wedding. We can give them to a select few, such as the maid of honor, the best man, the bridesmaids, or groomsmen, and have them blow them during the ceremony, during the first dance, or during the send-off. This is a fun job to give these individuals to highlight all that they do to support the couple. Bubble guns are also a quicker way to fill a space with bubbles than having guests blow each one individually using a bubble wand. Wedding bubble guns are fun to use and can create cool effects when taking photos. 


How To Use Wedding Bubble Machines


  Bubble machines are great if we want to fill a space with bubbles. They are made up of bubble solution and an electric fan that blows bubbles for us. Bubble machines mean we are sure to have bubbles at the exact time that we want them. Bubble machines also mean we can have bubbles without having to hand them out to all our guests or making all our guests work at our event. Bubble machines are great if we want to have an easy bubble filled event. Bubble machines help us create wonderful photos of everyone surrounded by a wall of bubbles.


Taking Beautiful Bubble Photos


  There are numerous ways we can take photos using bubbles. We can take photos of guests blowing bubble wands and creating an arch for the couple to walk through. We can take photos of the happy couple blowing bubbles themselves. We can take candid shots of people blowing bubbles or create a bubble-filled space with a bubble machine that can be used in place of a photo booth. We can take bubble-filled photos at the ceremony, during the cake cutting, during the speeches, or during the first dance. No matter what photos we choose to take, bubbles will always add a festive touch to our wedding. 


  To take good photos of bubbles, we need to make sure we have good lighting. In addition, it is important to play around with our camera settings to see which settings will lead to the best photos. If we want the best possible photos, we might consider testing out our camera ahead of time. Spending a few minutes blowing a few bubbles and taking a few photos before the event can make sure we capture the photos we want to have. 


  No matter what type of wedding we plan to have—a small intimate gathering or a large destination wedding—adding bubbles will always bring a bit of fun to our celebration. We might choose bubble wands so everyone can get in on the bubble fun. We might choose bubble guns if we want to highlight certain individuals at the ceremony. We might choose a bubble machine if we want to fill a space quickly and effectively with bubbles. Bubbles are a great way to add fun that works no matter who our guests are. Bubbles are also fun because they do not involve extensive cleanup, like if we use rice, rose petals, or other items to throw at the happy couple as they exit their wedding. Just consider this one of the best ways to celebrate without sparklers.

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