Most Common Wedding Sparkler Questions

Most Common Wedding Sparkler Questions


  Wedding sparklers are a great addition to any event. They can be used throughout a wedding and can help create an amazing experience for everyone. Wedding sparklers are great but if we have not used them before we might have some questions.


  Here are the top 10 questions we are likely to have when using wedding sparklers.


What Is A Wedding Sparkler?


  In general, a sparkler is a type of hand-held firework that burns slowly while emitting bright, intense colored flames, sparks, and other effects. Wedding sparklers are a special type of sparklers which are smokeless which helps us capture clearer pictures. Wedding sparklers can be used both inside the wedding venue, at the reception, or outdoors for wonderful wedding exits. Please check out our complete wedding sparklers guide to learn how to plan the perfect exit. 


How Can We Use Sparklers Safely?


  To use sparklers safely first we must be aware of our surroundings and make sure there is nothing flammable nearby such as paper goods or decorations. Next, we need to make sure to only hold the handle of the sparkler and never face a lit sparkler towards ourselves or someone nearby. Finally, we should light a sparkler by using a long butane or barbeque lighter. Once the sparkler has burned out, we should place it in a bucket with water or sand until the sparkler is completely cooled off and the handle can be tossed. We also should always have a first aid kit on premise on the rare chance a spark gets too close to someone.


What Is The Best Way To Light Sparklers?


  The best way to light wedding sparklers is to use a barbecue or butane lighter. We can use such lighters to light the first few sparklers then we can simply touch one sparkler to the next. If we light each end of a sparkler line, they will meet in the middle and we can have 144 sparklers easily lit in under 30 seconds which really is impressive. 


When Should We Order Wedding Sparklers?


  While offers free FedEx same day shipping on orders over $50 wedding sparklers are known to last several years so we can order them as soon as we decide to incorporate them into our wedding. A good rule of thumb is for us to order them at least two weeks in advance so we can try them out and get a hands-on feel for how they will work during our wedding.


How Many Sparklers Do We Need?


  Typically, we find that 10% of wedding guests leave before the grand wedding exit. This means for a wedding of 100 people we would buy at least 90 sparklers. On the other hand, having extras is never a bad idea since they can be used by guests or by the couple as a later date such as at their one-year anniversary. 


What Is A High Quality Wedding Sparkler?


  It is important to choose a high-quality wedding sparkler because traditional sparklers are not smokeless and are going to produce unwanted smoke. High quality wedding sparklers have a steel not wooden core and are double or triple dipped to produce a longer and more even burn. When purchasing 20 inch sparklers or 36 inch wedding sparklers you will want to ensure you don't just use ordinary ones. 


How To Incorporate Sparklers Into A Wedding?


  Some people incorporate sparklers into the wedding ceremony, some use them to create a grand exit for the couple, and some use them at various points during the reception such as on the cake or during the first dance. Sparklers can burn from anywhere from 1 min to over 3 mins depending on the type we choose. Knowing the burn time of the sparklers we buy is important so that we can choose the best option for where we want to add them to our ceremony.


What Do Wedding Sparklers Look Like When They Are Burning?


  Wedding sparklers are double dipped to ensure an even and bright golden glow. The sparks create a magical background for taking photos. 


How Do We Take Amazing Sparkler Photos?


  The challenge with taking photos is that many of our cameras struggle in low light or to take pictures where there is movement such as the sparks coming off a sparkler. While we do not have to own a professional camera with external flashes it is important to try a few sparklers out ahead of the event to determine the best settings to use on our camera. Taking the best photos takes a bit of trial and error.


Are Wedding Sparklers Legal?


  While technically legal in all 50 states their use is often controlled by local fireworks laws so it is important for us to read up on whether we can use them at the venue we are having our wedding and/or reception. 

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