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When To Buy Wedding Sparklers

When to buy wedding sparklers

When is the Right Time to Buy Wedding Sparklers?

  With over ten years of experience in the wedding industry, it is always a pleasure to guide brides-to-be in every step of the wedding sparklers process. From as simple as the appropriate wedding sparkler size as well as the vital details of our product, which make such a huge difference when planning any event. We feel joy in answering questions from clients who wish to execute the beautiful vision they have in mind for their wedding. With our many years of experience for example, we can confidently recommend 36 inch wedding sparklers if a grand exit set-up photo scene is incorporated into the event; wish to have a unique twist to sparklers? We have an answer for that as well: heart shaped sparklers! Overall though, most of our clients always wonder when the right time to buy wedding sparklers?  Below, we outlined our suggestions with a few explanations to help anyone understand the art of “sparkling.”


Buying Wedding Sparklers At Least One to Three Months Prior to The Wedding


  Since our wedding sparklers have a shelf life of two to three years, we recommend brides to order wedding sparklers as soon as it becomes a to-do list item. Ideally, two to three months in advance is recommended so that ample time is given to experiment with the product (if need be) or if the quantities/ sizes meet your expectations. For instance, the steel wire core and quality thick burning composition ensures a smokeless and ash-less sparkler display for phenomenal pictures that can open up endless ideas for brides and wedding planners. 

  Our clients may approach us with an idea in mind and then choose to tweak their original idea once they hear the burning time on the different size wedding sparklers and how it affects a photographer in real time. On the other hand, just in case there is a change of plans and wedding sparklers are no longer an option (some times due to venue rules), Grand Wedding Exit offers refunds on items not used. So just in case enough sparklers were ordered and the number of guests happens to change, we will gladly refund any unused sparklers if they package is unopened. With very little risk in ordering wedding sparklers in advance, it is very unfortunate when we aren’t able to fulfill orders due to time constraints. We encourage using our guarantee to your advantage, but if wedding sparklers happen to land on your idea plate a tad late, we have one more safe net for all the beautiful brides out there.

Our Fast Service to Meet Your Wedding Sparkler Needs


  So now that you know when to order sparklers for weddings it's time to buy purchase! Grand Wedding Exit is proud to offer free FedEx ground shipping on all orders.  If our free FedEx shipping is your choice for shipping, it only takes 2-4 business days for your product to arrive anywhere in the USA (home, hotel, or venue); this includes such geographical opposites as California, New York, and Miami. If time is of essence, Grand Wedding Exit is one of the only companies to offer express shipping on all 20 inch sparklers or 36 inch wedding sparklers. Just in case you come across our products and wish to make a last minute order, we will most likely satisfy the expected time of arrival and bring the spark to your event! Shipping rates for FedEx Express is an expensive investment for some, so we hope it is a last minute option for any brides reading this article. If you ever have any questions about our wedding sparklers please feel free to call our main offices or email us!

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