Wedding Sparklers For Sale

Sparklers on Sale

     Grand Wedding Exit wants to make sure you have the perfect fairy-tale ending to your wedding night with sparklers! Our sparklers are crafted for weddings and special events with the longest lasting burn time on the market! We offer the most popular 36 inch sparklers that have a burn time of over four minutes and are perfect for larger sized weddings. For medium sized weddings we have our 20 inch sparklers which offer a burn time of over two minutes.

  Wedding sparklers have become increasingly popular over the past five years and we are happy to be one of the few wedding sparkler companies to offer true wedding sparklers. Our sparklers for sale are made with a double dip process which ensures each sparkler has a perfect burn time and sparkle. Our wedding sparklers have been showcased in the Wedding Wire, The Knot, and Bridal Guide magazine. We offer our brides the ability to fully customize their wedding sparkler orders as we understand every wedding is unique. We even offer our premium sparklers which are created for first dances and fun wedding photos. Premium sparklers are safe for all indoor and outdoor events! 

High Quality Wedding Sparklers

     At Grand Wedding Exit we want to make sure you have the perfect wedding sparkler send off. Feel free to jump over to our blog for helpful tips and tricks on having a wedding sparkler departure. We want to make sure your wedding sparklers go off without a hitch, whether you choose our 36 inch sparklers, 20 inch sparklers, or even our premium sparklers!

  We urge brides to do research when planning to purchase sparklers for weddings as many companies offer wedding sparklers, but very few have the proper sparklers. Most companies offer wedding sparklers made with bamboo which emit tremendous amounts of smoke and unreliable burn times. If you ever have any questions with our wedding sparklers or sparklers in general, do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time!  

     We didn't stop with just having wedding sparklers for your grand finale! We recently added our heart shaped wedding sparklers. These unique sparklers will look stunning and add an even more romantic sparkle to end of your wedding night. Our heart sparklers have one of the longest burn times on the market and look great at any moment of your wedding. A lot of brides have found fun and exciting ways to use our heart shaped wedding sparklers during bridal photos and even mixing them in with our 36 inch sparklers. We've specifically built our heart shaped wedding sparklers boxes to be elegant and to fit in with the wedding attire. These heart sparklers are perfect for wedding favors as well! Our extended burn time reaches over one minute for our heart sparklers allowing you to use these for a wedding exit as well.  

     When the moment comes to buy sparklers for your wedding, keep in mind Grand Wedding Exit offers true wedding sparklers and a brand you can count on! Whether you are using sparklers for your wedding, romantic moments, anniversary ideas, or any event we promise to help make an everlasting impressions on your night! We understand how important your event is and want to give you the ideal departure to end of your wedding night! If you ever have any questions regarding our wedding sparklers to do not hesitate to call our main offices or email us. Our main goal is to add an extra spark to the end of your wedding night!