bulk sparklers

Bulk Sparklers

Bulk Sparklers

  Summer wedding season is slowly coming to an end as the temperatures start to drop. Fall weddings will now take the stage for the next few months and we can't wait to see the new wedding styles! At Grand Wedding Exit we are able to supply sparklers for the smallest bridal wedding to the largest wedding planners in any city! Our sparklers are one of the highest quality in the industry. Many companies are unable to ship large quantities of sparklers at wholesale pricing because of shipping cost and product pricing. We are able to offer bulk sparklers because of our shipping method, product pricing, quality of wedding sparklers, and warehouse locations. Grand Wedding Exit stands by every single sparkler and orders ship same day out of our closest warehouses nationwide!

Wholesale Sparklers


  Here at Grand Wedding Exit we have access to numerous shipping and delivery option to supply our customers Monday through Friday, within the 48 contiguous states. Our private shipping carriers and commercial lines are able to guarantee arrival of all products to arrive in time for your events. Depending on your location and date of event, we are able to have sparklers expedited with certain shipping carriers to arrive just in time for any customer. Our shipping options do vary. With our shipping carriers we are able to offer our clients order to be shipped out same day or next day shipping. The most popular shipping option is our free fedex ground shipping! That's right, we said FREE shipping! Not only do we offer wholesale sparklers but that includes free shipping. 

Wedding Sparklers Bulk On Sale


  Our product pricing for sparklers is by far among the most economical in the wedding novelty item industry. Our 36 inch wedding sparklers have a burn time of about four minutes while our 20 inch sparklers illuminate your event for about three minutes. Our premium sparkler version of the 4th of July sparklers burn for over just one minute. We also offer custom handmade Heart Shaped Sparklers that burn for about two minutes. When organizing all items, we recommend using the Sparkler Buckets. You can fit about 48-96 wedding sparklers in each bucket aesthetically. All of our wedding sparklers are double dipped to ensure durability and the brightest sparkle. With new items being added to our store, we now have Sky Lanterns. Sky Lanterns are used in many memorial services and milestone events. Our Sky Lanterns are made out of biodegradable material. They can be used at a variety of events and locations.
  Grand Wedding Exit was started to aide wedding planners and brides in need of wedding sparklers for wedding departure celebrations. We have grown with the support of our clientele to expand our warehouse across the United States of America. We have sparkler warehouses in all major cities such as; Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Houston, Chicago, and Ohio. With our many locations we are able to use your shipping address to have your sparklers delivered with the fastest shipping option available at the cheapest rates. All of our facilities are stocked with enough product year round to supply our customers throughout the nation. If you are in search of something specific or quantities, we can be reached at any time during business hours.

Discount Bulk Sparklers Shipped Anywhere


  Grand Wedding Exit has the ability ship to virtually anywhere in the United States and any quantity of wholesale wedding sparklers or bulk sparklers. We are among the top supplier of the wedding novelty items. We can be contacted at any time for assistance in purchasing sparklers in bulk for your weddings and events. Our goal is to provide all customers with the most exemplary service. We know how stressful planning a wedding can be and aide in making this wedding sparkler process a breeze. With one less item to worry about, you are able to handle the more important things for your wedding day. From start to finish of your order, we are here to help you. From the time the order is placed we provide receipts of the products. As soon as your package is shipped out, our system automatically emails you an updated tracking information. This allows you to track the sparklers you purchased in bulk to guarantee final arrival date. Full order and tracking services enable the consumer to be and the front of all errors or delivery exceptions that may arise with the order.

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