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Sparklers For Sale

Sparklers for sale
  Grand Wedding Exit has been the leading supplier when it comes to selling sparklers online for events and weddings. We have continually offered the best sparklers for sale at the most affordable prices. Whether you are showcasing these sparklers as a fun add on item or using them for a sparkler exit at Grand Wedding Exit we offer the highest quality wedding sparklers. We have always offered the most popular sparklers for weddings on the market since we opened our doors to brides, but are happy to share some of our newest sparkler items to make your event stand out! At the end of the day our goal when selling sparklers for your event is to help make it one of the most memorable parts of your night while being one of the least expensive items.

Sparklers On Sale

  Our most popular sparklers for sale have always been our true wedding sparklers. We specialize in our 20 inch sparklers as well as our most popular 36 inch wedding sparklers. 36 inch wedding sparklers happen to be the ideal exit sparkler due to its length and extended burn time. Either size wedding sparklers produce the best wedding photographs as the newlyweds walk under the shower of sparklers as they start their new journey together. Our longer wedding sparklers allow the newlyweds to take their time through their exit with a burn time of over 3.5 minutes. This extended sparkler burn time gives them more than enough time to stop for a kiss under a shower of sparklers. We always hear back from our newlyweds thats these pictures of sparklers happen to be some of the best action shots of their entire wedding night. At Grand Wedding Exit we offer these sparklers on sale for this upcoming winter with 5$ OFF, hop on to our sparkler coupons page to see all of our sparklers for sale.

Ordering Sparklers Online

  We didn't just stop with our wedding sparklers for sale on our online store. We knew if we wanted to compete as one of the best online sparkler stores we needed to not only offer the best sparklers, but bring new and exciting products to the table. That's why we introduced our heart shaped sparklers which are one of the most unique sparklers for sale. Our heart sparklers burn for approximately one minute and actually have two sparks that start at the top and go all the way around to complete the shape of the heart. These heart sparklers are great for romantic occasions such as anniversaries, Valentines Day, proposals and even fun bridal photos. We wanted to share these wonderful sparklers to as many people as possible to let them know you can use these for more than just the 4th of July.
  The newest edition to our sparkler collection is our bottle sparklers! These bottle sparklers are the perfect way to spice up the cutting of the cake ceremony! Today when newlyweds cut the cake the ceremony has lost its luster. Its difficult to hold the attention of your wedding guests as either they don't feel involved or it just doesn't excite them. Having your wedding cake wheeled out with these bottle sparklers will shake things up! These wedding cake sparklers shoot up sparks that are 6-8 inches high and will leave your guests in awe. Bottle sparklers will not damage your wedding cake at all as they leave no ash or residue whatsoever leaving it completely safe to eat. Our wedding cake bottle sparklers come in small and large quantities to fit your perfect needs accordingly.
  Unlike other online sparkler stores we make sure to stay in touch with you every step of the way until you receive your order. We understand how important these sparklers are to your event and understand you need these in a timely manor. We not only make sure these simply arrive in time, we reach out to you to ensure you know how to use these sparklers during your event. We want to make sure your sparklers are used in the most effective and memorable way possible. Consider us your sparkler concierge. Need help figuring out when to buy wedding sparklers? Or looking to know difference between wedding sparklers vs. regular sparklers. Hop on over to our wedding sparkler ideas for the latest tips and trick when planning a grand wedding exit! This is how we continue to be the leading online sparkler company for over fifteen years.
  Grand Wedding Exit goal is to continually provide the best sparklers for sale to make them affordable for all types of celebrations. If you ever have any questions when it comes to using or thinking about incorporating these sparklers do not hesitate to reach out to us. We offer a full staff to help educate and answer any and all questions pertaining to sparklers. When looking for sparklers for sale come to Grand Wedding Exit which offers the most premium sparklers online.

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