Cheap Wedding Favors

Cheap Wedding Favors Ideas

Cheap Wedding Favors Ideas


  Guests at a wedding are there to share the couple's special day. One way to thank them for their presence at the celebration is to give them a small wedding favor. The challenge is that we can end up spending a lot on favors which can be problematic if we are on a budget. On the other hand, we can choose to give more affordable but no less fun items. 

  Which wedding favors we hand out will often depend on the theme of the wedding and what we think our guests will enjoy. Three affordable wedding favor ideas include wedding balloons, wedding bubbles, and wedding sparklers. Even if we are having our wedding on a budget there is no reason we can’t wow everyone who is in attendance. 

The Average Cost Of Wedding Favors

  Favors are a means for us to express our gratitude to our guests for joining us in celebrating our special day. They are a vital element of a wedding. While on average we will spend $241 on favors, we will be happy to know that there are more affordable options that are available to us. Wedding party favors don't have to be complicated. 

  In fact, when it comes to favors, sometimes simplicity is the right policy. To keep things reasonably priced, we might buy our favorite items in bulk and consider packaging them ourselves for additional savings. We can also think outside the box and consider a photo booth or other way that our guests can capture the moment. As a result, we might not have to hand out individual favors.


Favors That Float Like Wedding Balloons

  There are many ways that we can incorporate wedding balloons into our wedding favors. If we choose to set up a photo booth our guests can take pictures in front of white confetti balloons, love balloons, Mr and Mrs balloons, or even a balloon garland. All of these types of balloons help our guests create pictures that will help them remember the celebration long into the future.

  Another way we can have our guests take photos with balloons is by choosing to release a number of balloons in the wedding's color during the celebration. This will fill the sky with color. Pictures are great favors because everyone has room at home to put up a few of their favorite pics. This way our guests are able to keep happy memories of all the weddings they have attended.

Floating With Wedding Bubble Wands

  Bubbles are an excellent method to engage all of our guests in a wedding send-off. We can distribute heart-shaped bubble wands to everyone in attendance and create a bubble pathway for the happy couple to run through as they exit the ceremony. Bubble wands can also be utilized as table decorations or given out as wedding favors. We can incorporate bubble wands into our reception, enabling guests to fill the air with bubbles all night long. Bubble wands add a personal touch while also fostering a sense of community and simple fun. Wedding bubbles make for wonderful photos because they make everyone smile.

Exit Like A Movie Star With Wedding Sparklers 

  If we want to know how to use wedding sparklers the most effectively during our wedding, we should look at 20 Inch Sparklers. These are the most inexpensive sparklers for weddings. 20 inch sparklers are ideal for all wedding sizes and are handcrafted with a steel wire core for a smokeless burn. They are also double-dipped for a brilliant gold sparkle. Each wedding sparkler has a burn time of 2 minutes. 20 inch sparklers can be bought in bulk making them very affordable for wedding favors. For a dollar or two we can make sure that every guest has 2 sparklers to use during the ceremony. This is a lot less than many other wedding favor ideas we might consider. For a little more, you can't pass up on upgrading to 36 inch sparklers for your exit. The bride and grooms will walk through an arch of sparklers to help produce the best wedding pictures and enjoy an even longer burn time for added fun! Check out our complete guide to using wedding sparklers so you are ready for your very own grand wedding exit.

  No matter the size of our wedding or the budget we have we can find ways to send our guests home with fantastic favors without breaking the bank. Three such affordable items are balloons, bubbles, and sparklers. If we are able to buy our favors in bulk we can save even more money. While favors are a wonderful part of any wedding we need to remember that everyone is there to celebrate the love between the couple. We should make sure we don’t overspend on our wedding favors. We should be able to enjoy the first few months of being married without stressing about how we will pay off our wedding.

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