20 and 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

Choosing Between 20 and 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers

Choosing Between 20 and 36 Inch Wedding Sparklers


  When it comes to wedding sparklers, we have many shape and size options. 20-inch sparklers and 36-inch sparklers are two of the most common types of wedding sparklers. We may wonder how to choose between these sparklers when planning a wedding. While both are excellent choices, it all comes down to how we intend to use them during our ceremony and how long we want them to burn. The longer the sparklers burn, the more people will be able to see them and take photos.


Why Are Wedding Sparklers Special?


  To ensure an even and bright glow, wedding sparklers are double dipped. Whatever type of wedding sparkler we choose for our event, it will emit a bright golden light as well as send sparkling sparks into the air. These sparks create a magical backdrop for photographs. Furthermore, unlike traditional sparklers, wedding sparklers emit no smoke, which allows us to take clearer photographs, which means the focus can stay on the happy couple. There are so many ways we can incorporate sparklers into a wedding celebration.


20-Inch Sparklers:


  20-inch wedding sparklers are suitable for medium-sized weddings and are popular because they are the least expensive. These sparklers have been double dipped and produce a bright and cheerful gold sparkle. Each 20-inch wedding sparkler burns for two minutes. This allows the couple plenty of time to leave in a calm and unhurried manner. 20-inch sparklers are ideal for the majority of our wedding requirements.


36-Inch Sparklers:


  The most popular wedding sparklers are 36-inch sparklers because they have a long burn time, allowing the couple to walk leisurely under an arch of sparklers for their exit. These wedding sparklers are triple dipped and can last 3+ minutes, giving you plenty of time to take pictures as you enter and exit. Moreover, they allow time for taking photos of the couple kissing or of the wedding party. The most effective sparklers to use for archway grand exits and for photos are 36-inch sparklers. If we use a 36-inch sparkler, we will have the amazing experience we have always desired for our wedding.


Star and Heart-Shaped Sparklers:


  We may choose to use fancy star or heart-shaped sparklers that, when lit, create a star or heart pattern. These sparklers are 10 inches long and have a lifespan of 75 seconds. Heart-shaped sparklers add a romantic touch to our celebration and highlight the couple's deep love. Star sparklers, on the other hand, add a touch of elegance to our wedding celebrations and can help transform our event into a star-studded night. Using a variety of sparklers helps to create a show-stopping experience that will impress everyone in attendance.


Picking the Best Wedding Sparklers


  The wedding sparklers we select are determined by their intended use. If we want to make a spectacular send-off or use sparklers to announce the couple, we might prefer 36-inch sparklers that last longer. If we are using sparklers as decorations or centerpieces, we may want 20-inch sparklers or heart and star sparklers. This will highlight parts of the ceremony without distracting from the happy couple.


Sparklers for a Send Off or Wedding Exit:


  It is common to use sparklers for the wedding exit at the end of the ceremony. Each wedding guest can be given a sparkler before forming two lines to form a pathway or arch for the couple to run through. This is an excellent way to have a photographer capture amazing and joyous photographs of the couple and all of the guests. For a send-off, either 20 or 36-inch sparklers could work. Check out our complete wedding sparklers guide for full grasp of creating the perfect send off.


Sparklers To Announce The Couple:


  As the couple enters the reception hall, there is usually some kind of announcement to let all the guests know that the stars have arrived. The wedding party can use sparklers as an alternative, eye-catching way to announce the couple. Wedding sparklers are also an excellent visual cue when the reception hall is crowded and an announcement may be difficult to hear. Either 20 or 36 inch sparklers could be used to announce the couple.


Wedding Sparklers as Centerpieces for Wedding Favors:


  Sparklers can be used as centerpieces or as wedding favors. This is an excellent way to involve guests in the celebration. Sparklers can be combined with a photo booth as wedding favors, allowing everyone to have their excitement and joy captured under the glittering light of a sparkler. A 20-inch sparkler, a heart-shaped sparkler, or a star-shaped sparkler would all be appropriate choices for centerpieces or favors.

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