Amazon doesn't sell sparklers

Why Doesn't Amazon Sell Sparklers

Why Doesn't Amazon Sell Sparklers


  When we are looking for sparklers for our wedding we might be surprised to see that we can’t simply order them on Amazon like we would think was the case. Amazon’s policy for hazardous items bans the selling of sparklers for wedding. This means we have to find someone else to buy our sparklers from. When buying sparklers it is very crucial that we only purchase high-quality wedding sparklers from verified sellers instead of trying to save a few pennies. We want our sparklers to be the highlight of the celebration, not ruin our big day.

Amazon's Policy For Hazardous Items Like Sparklers

  Selling on Amazon can obviously be very profitable, but many items are limited, such as perfumes or aerosols, while others are outright prohibited, such as firecrackers and sparklers. Part of this is because sparklers aren’t allowed in some jurisdictions where Amazon has warehouses making storage a legal hassle. Hazardous materials and products are stored in specialist distribution centers. These storage facilities have regions dedicated to the management and storage of hazardous materials. The FBA regulates two types of hazardous materials: flammable and aerosol. Amazon will only store a limited stock of products in this category to safeguard the safety of its employees.

Why Buying Sparklers From A Verified Seller Is A Must

  When organizing a wedding, we want to invest in high-quality sparklers to ensure that we have the most enjoyable experience possible. Furthermore, high-quality sparklers are less likely to break before we can use them, and they are less likely to burn in an unexpected manner that could endanger the couple or the guests in attendance. When it comes to 36 inch or 20 inch sparklers, we don't want to skimp on quality. It is important that we buy from a verified seller such as so that we know what we will be getting for our big day.

Why We Want To Buy Genuine Wedding Sparklers

  The materials utilized to manufacture a high-quality sparkler are key. While there are many different types of sparklers available for purchase, it is critical to select the most suitable sparklers for our wedding celebration. As a result, we need sparklers for weddings that burn evenly, for a long time, and clearly burn gold, so that all the can be seen. It is also critical that we choose smokeless wedding sparklers especially if we want to use them inside during the ceremony or reception. Why would we choose to buy anything but the highest quality for our wedding celebration?

  High-quality wedding sparklers contain a steel core rather than a wood core and are double or triple dipped for a more consistent burn. This is analogous to how the more times a taper candle is dipped, the stronger and longer lasting it grows. If we are utilizing sparklers at a wedding, we want to ensure that we can see the golden hue without having to deal with enormous volumes of smoke. Such smoke will simply obstruct our ability to take meaningful images.

What is the Difference Between Wedding Sparklers and Traditional Sparklers

  Those of us who have used conventional sparklers may be wondering how they can be used inside without filling the area with smoke. It turns out that utilizing a sparkler with a steel wire core is the only way to go because sparklers with hardwood handles would emit undesired visible smoke.

  As a result, it is critical that we use wedding sparklers during our wedding rather than traditional sparklers that we may obtain in other places. Because any additional pigments would only produce undesirable smoke, smokeless sparklers tend to burn with a lovely gold color. Gold sparklers will complement any wedding reception.

  Smokeless sparklers also allow us to snap clear photographs of the pair without smoke interfering. If we want to use sparklers at a wedding, we must use smokeless wedding sparklers. We do not want to utilize sparklers since they will detract from the occasion by filling the space with smoke.

The Problem of Unverified Sellers

  The challenge with unverified sellers is that they are not verified. This means we really have no idea if what they say they are selling is what they really are selling. All too often if we buy 36 inch sparklers from an unverified seller we will end up with a bunch of low quality sparklers or 4th of July sparklers instead of true wedding sparklers that will ruin our wedding by filling the room with smoke. No one wants their big celebration ruined because they thought they could save a few pennies by turning to an unverified seller. We should always buy high quality wedding sparklers from verified sellers. Check out our complete wedding sparklers guide to ensure you have the best exit to your wedding night. If you need more wedding sparkler ideas check out our blog section and congratulations. 

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