How Many Sparklers to buy for wedding?

How Many Sparklers To Buy For Wedding?

How Many Sparklers to buy for wedding?


  When purchasing wedding sparklers, one of the first questions we will ask is how many we will need to purchase to achieve our desired effect. If we only use them for the send off, we will require fewer than if we also use them during the ceremony and reception. Understanding how many sparklers are needed for a send-off vs. a toast or cake cutting will help us determine how many sparklers to order over all.


How Many Sparklers Are Needed For A Wedding Send Off?


  Typically, 10% of wedding guests leave prior to the wedding exit. This would mean if we had a wedding of 100 guests, we would purchase 90 sparklers. However, purchasing extra is always a wise idea because some guests prefer to hold two sparklers during the send off. We can snap some extremely creative shots with wedding sparklers and make memories that everyone will remember for a long time.


How to Incorporate More Sparklers into a Wedding


  While we typically associate wedding sparklers with the wedding exit, which creates a tunnel of light for the couple to walk through, sparklers can be enjoyed throughout the wedding. The more places we intend to use the sparklers, the more sparklers we will need to purchase. Here are some wedding sparkler ideas for how we could use sparklers and how many we would need in each case. There is no reason to skim on the sparklers for our big day. If you need a breakdown of what are the best sizes for wedding sparklers jump on over to our wedding ideas section.


Wedding Toasts


  For toasts, 10-inch sparklers are ideal. They will burn for approximately one minute. 10-inch sparklers are also suitable for short and sweet toasts. Wedding sparklers are a unique addition to any toast. In general, we would like to purchase enough sparklers to toast the couple with. We may also add a few sparklers to the champagne bottles we'll be toasting with. We can dim the lights and have bottles of champagne with sparklers delivered to the head table for a more opulent experience. We can also attach them to each table's champagne bottle.


The Couple's First Dance


  10-inch sparklers are also ideal for the bride and groom's first dance. How many we would buy would be determined by who would be using them during the dance. If we only want the bride and groom to be able to hold sparklers, we need to buy fewer than if we want everyone in the wedding party to be able to hold sparklers.


The Cake Cutting Ceremony


  The cake-cutting ceremony is another place we might want to incorporate sparklers. We could use fancy star or heart-shaped sparklers that create a star or heart pattern when lit. These last for 75 seconds. Heart-shaped sparklers add a romantic touch to our celebration while also emphasizing the couple's deep love. Star sparklers, on the other hand, add a touch of elegance to our wedding festivities and can help turn our event into a star-studded night. It is entirely up to us how many sparklers we use for the cake cutting.


For Writing in the Sky


  Writing in the air with lit sparklers is one of the most sought-after photos for many couples. Our guests can make a variety of cool effects by using a sparkler to draw letters, numbers, or shapes in the air. Simply set up everything and let a photographer capture the magic on film! We might consider ordering a sparkler for every guest or just those in the wedding party.


As a Photographic Backdrop


  Giving our guests wedding sparklers to hold in the background of photos is another unexpected visual treat. Consider a deep, passionate kiss in the presence of sparklers. What could be more romantic than that? It makes sense to order sparklers for everyone in the wedding party for these occasions.


As a Unity Candle Replacement


  Many couples hold sand ceremonies or light unity candles at their weddings, but this is another way to use wedding sparklers. The couple could either both hold the sparkler while it performs, or they could each have a small sparkler and light a larger sparkler together. In this case, only a couple of sparklers are needed to be purchased.


As Centerpieces


  The simplest way to make sparkler centerpieces is to mix them in with the flowers we already have on hand. The sparklers will blend in perfectly, and we can leave a small instruction card near the vase to show guests how and when to use them. We could purchase enough for a set number per table or enough for all our guests to have one. These could also be how we distribute the sparklers we are planning on using for the grand exit. Have any other questions? Check out our most common wedding sparklers questions blog right here! Or you might want to check our complete wedding sparklers guide so you are ready from start to finish!

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