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The 5 Most Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing Wedding Sparklers

The 5 Most Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing Wedding Sparklers


  Sparklers are an amazing addition to any wedding. Some people light wedding sparklers during the wedding ceremony, while others use them to create a grand exit for the couple. In addition, some couples use them during the reception, such as when the cake is cut, during a toast, or during the first dance. Wedding sparklers, regardless of how or when they are used during the celebration, will undoubtedly create a memorable experience. Before our big event, there are five things we need to do to have the best wedding sparkler experience.


  1. Confirm That Our Venue Allows Sparklers.


  The first thing we should do if we want to use wedding sparklers is check with our venue to make sure they are allowed. Wedding sparklers are technically legal in all 50 states, but their use is frequently governed by local fireworks laws, so we must research whether we can use them at our wedding and reception venue. Furthermore, if we are having a destination wedding rather than flying with sparklers, it makes sense to discuss having our sparklers shipped directly to our venue. We'll want to make sure our sparklers arrive intact and are safely stored until we arrive at our destination.


  1. Decide Where We Want Our Wedding Exit To Take Place At The Venue.


  When choosing where to have our wedding sendoff, it is critical to remember that sparklers contain a flame. This means we should always be aware of our surroundings to avoid accidentally setting anything on fire. We should only hold the handle of the sparkler at all times and keep sparklers away from our bodies. It's also a good idea to make sure there's nothing flammable near where we'll be using the sparklers, such as crepe paper or piles of napkins.


  1. Figure Out The Number of Wedding Sparklers Needed.


  A general rule of thumb for determining how many wedding sparklers we need is that 10% of wedding guests typically leave prior to the wedding exit. This would entail purchasing 90 wedding sparklers for a wedding with 100 guests. However, purchasing a few extra sparklers is always a good idea because some guests like to hold two sparklers. Any extra sparklers can be used for fun sparkler pictures with the bridal party or kept by the bride and groom. It is also important to consider if we are planning to use sparklers at other points during our celebration. This could be when cutting the cake or during the first dance. The more sparklers we intend to use, the more sparklers we will need to purchase.


  1. Putting On A Wedding Exit

  It's helpful to have someone in charge (either our wedding coordinator or a friend) to help direct traffic and guide the sparkler lighting process. Weddings are frequently hectic affairs, and guests can easily become confused about what is expected of them next. One suggestion for the person in charge of the 36 inch sparklers is to have wedding guests take a sparkler as everyone lines up to keep things organized. It might be a good idea to do a practice run with the guests ahead of time. This will ensure that everyone is aware of what is going on and what they are supposed to do.

  Starting with the first 36 inch or 20 inch sparkler on each side with a butane or barbecue lighter is a great way to light a series of sparklers. This is so that the couple can walk under the arch. In general, lighters work much better and more consistently than matches. After the first sparkler in each row has been lit, each sparkler in the row can be used to light the next one in the row. Using this method, many wedding sparklers can be lit in a short period of time. When the sparklers are finished burning, we should place them in several metal sparkler buckets filled with water or sand. Once the sparklers have completely cooled, we can simply discard the metal handles. Check out this tips and tricks for the best way to organize a sparkler exit

  1. Buy From A Reputable Company That Sells Genuine Wedding Sparklers.


  Wedding sparklers differ from sparklers found at a fireworks stand in that they emit no smoke and burn clearly. We don't want to try to save a few pennies only to discover that the sparklers we bought are all broken or that when we burn them, they produce so much smoke that we can't take great pictures of the happy couple. When we plan to use wedding sparklers at our big event, we want to make sure that the sparklers we get are both beautiful and designed as intended. Make sure to check out all of our wedding sparkler ideas to help plan your grand wedding exit!

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