What Is the Best Size for Wedding Sparklers?

What Is the Best Size for Wedding Sparklers


  Many couples are choosing to use wedding sparklers as part of their ceremonies. Wedding sparklers are an impressive and fun addition to almost any wedding. When you choose to have wedding sparklers at your wedding you will find that you have a wide range of options to choose from. Wedding sparklers come in a range of sizes and shapes, and you might wonder how to make sense of all the information and choose the sparkler which is the best for your ceremony and happy day. When planning for a wedding ceremony you likely do not have tons of extra time to research sparklers on your own so let us run down some of your options and in which situations each would be best.


Our Most Popular Wedding Sparklers


  When many brides and grooms choose sparklers, they decide to go big or go home. This means choosing our 36-inch sparklers. These are our most popular type due to their extended burn time which allows the couple to walk leisurely under an arch of sparklers for their exit. These wedding sparklers are double dipped and can last 3+ mins giving an abundance of time for taking pictures entering and exiting. In addition, they allow time to take photos of the happy couple kissing or to take photos of groups. If you choose a 36-inch sparkler you are sure to get the amazing experience you have always dreamed of for your big day. 


Our Most Economical Wedding Sparklers


  For some brides and grooms picking sparklers comes down to affordability. There are so many costs that go into a wedding that sometimes budgets get tight. Our 20-inch sparklers are popular because they are the most economical. Being economical does not mean you have to give up on quality. These sparklers are double dip processed and produce a bright and cheerful gold sparkle. Each 20-inch wedding sparkler has a 2-minute burn duration. This gives us plenty of time for the couple to slowly exit in a calm and unhurried manner. 20-inch sparklers are the perfect choice for most of our wedding needs.


What About 14-Inch Sparklers?


  When choosing a sparkler for an intimate to medium-sized wedding we recommend our 14-inch sparklers. Each 14-inch wedding sparkler has a 90 second burn duration. This is just enough time to be able to savor the effect without extending the wedding too long or getting in the way of other wedding ceremony activities. 


When is the Right Setting for 10-Inch Sparklers


  If you plan to use your sparklers inside, our premium 10-inch sparklers are a great choice. Our premium sparklers have a steel wire core for smokeless and ash-less use. This is important because no one wants to have a fire detector go off during the ceremony. These premium 10-inch sparklers are also great for toasts, for use during the couple’s first dance, or during the cake cutting ceremony. 10-inch sparklers allow you to add a bit of sparkle to almost any part of the wedding ceremony giving you flexibility to use them exactly how you want for dramatic effect. 


Star and Heart Shaped Sparklers


  When these sparklers are lit two sparks go around creating a star or heart pattern. These sparklers are 10 inches long and last for 75 seconds. Star sparklers add a bit of extra elegance to our wedding celebrations and can help turn our celebration into a star-studded night. On the other hand, heart shaped sparklers add a bit of extra romance to our celebration and highlight the deep love between the couple. Both star and heart shaped sparklers go great paired with any of the other sparklers that are available. Combining multiple types of sparklers really helps create a showstopper experience that will wow everyone in attendance. When choosing to use sparklers why not go all out and have sparklers in various sizes and shapes to create an overall amazing effect. 


  When choosing the best size of wedding sparklers, it often comes down to where and when in the ceremony they are being used. We have sparklers which will last a long-time giving time for longer photo shoots as well as sparklers which are economical. We also carry wedding sparklers which are great to be used inside or in smaller settings. Adding these sparklers that come in various shapes can help take a wedding to the next level. To choose the sparklers that will work best for you it is important that you first think about when and where during the ceremony you plan on using them. Sparklers can be used once during your big event or can be used again and again over the course of the whole evening. At Grand Wedding Exit it is important to use properly follow and use sparklers safely. Make sure to check out all of our wedding sparkler ideas for tips and tricks and even when to buy wedding sparklers for your big day!

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