How to extinguish sparklers

How To Put Out Wedding Sparklers

How To Put Out Wedding Sparklers


  After we have used wedding sparklers to create an amazing send-off, first dance, toast, or other part of our wedding, it is critical that we understand how to safely dispose of our sparklers so that everyone remains safe. This is why it is so crucial that someone who is part of our wedding party be in charge of the wedding sparklers. This will help make sure they are handed out to guests. This will also make our guests aware of when they will be used, and how to handle them safely.


How to Dispose of Wedding Sparklers?


  Wedding sparklers should be safely disposed of after the bride and groom have exited into the night and the last spark has died out. Two wedding sparkler buckets of sand or water are recommended. Even though the sparklers are out, they are still extremely hot. Many brides and grooms fail to include a safe way to dispose of wedding sparklers. With two buckets, the wedding party can easily place sparklers as they walk by. This also aids in the cleanup process.


Who Should Coordinate Sparkler Use?


  If we want the most memorable sparkler send-off possible, we must inform guests ahead of time about what will happen. This means that more of our guests will stick around until the end to witness the send off. We don't want guests to leave before the big event because they weren't aware of the send off. Communication is key since every wedding looks a little different, so our guests will not always know what they should expect.


  Furthermore, it is helpful to have someone designated to hand out 20 inch or 36 inch wedding sparklers. This person should tell guests when the sparklers will be lit, tell guests where they should stand, and review some basic sparkler safety measures. While wedding sparklers are a gorgeous addition to our wedding, they do contain an open flame. As a result, it is critical that they be used in a systematic and calm manner to reduce the risk of injury or damage to clothing or other property.


  Finally, tell guests where they should put their sparklers when they are finished. When the sparklers have finished burning, we should place them in several metal buckets filled with water or sand. Sparklers should never be thrown on the floor or ground. This is because they will remain hot for a time and can lead to fires if they are not disposed of properly. We can simply discard the metal handles once the sparklers have completely cooled.


Are sparklers safe?


  Yes, wedding sparklers are safe, but it is wise to remember that sparklers contain a flame. This means we should always be aware of our surroundings to avoid accidentally setting anything on fire. We should only hold the handle of the sparkler and keep sparklers away from our bodies at all times. It is also a smart idea to make sure there is nothing flammable nearby, such as crepe paper or piles of napkins, where we will be using the sparklers. Sparklers are safe to use with a bit of caution. However, it is always a wise idea to have a first aid kit on hand in case of an emergency.


These are some basic safety precautions to share with our guests:


  • To avoid sparks, try to light the first wedding sparklers in an area where the wind is not blowing directly at anybody.
  • Start by lighting one wedding sparkler at a time at first. When first lit, some wedding sparklers may emit sparks.
  • Do not use matches to ignite wedding sparklers. The match process takes too long and puts our hands too close to the top of the sparkler. When we use a barbecue lighter, we can concentrate on lighting the wedding sparkler rather than our hands and matches.
  • When lighting the sparklers, keep the sparklers at a 30 to 45-degree downward angle. This will allow the unlit sparklers to catch the flame quickly and safely.
  • Having the wedding party extend their arms as far as they can while holding the wedding sparklers. Please make sure that they are straight to keep them away from our guests' faces, bodies, and clothing.
  • Rather than concentrating on keeping sparklers away from just you, remember to be mindful of the wedding party around you.
  • If you're waving sparklers, make sure not to wave them too fast so you don't hurt anyone.
  • Do not keep wedding sparklers close to any flammable materials such as alcohol, as parties tend to drink throughout the night.

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