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How to be safe using Wedding Sparklers

How to be safe using Wedding Sparklers


  Wedding sparklers are a great addition to any wedding. They can really capture the joy and excitement that the new couple is experiencing. While sparklers can be creatively used throughout a wedding ceremony it is important that we take some basic precautions to make sure everyone remains safe while using them. If we take care, we can create an experience everyone will remember for all the right reasons.


Before The Wedding


  At the foundational level it is important to remember that sparklers give off sparks. So like any open flame we must handle them carefully to make sure we remain safe. Before the wedding occurs, we should test a few sparklers so that we know what to expect in terms of the size of the sparks and how long the sparklers will sparkle. The better we understand the sparklers we have chosen the better able we can keep everyone safe. Whether you choose 20 inch wedding sparklers or 36 inch sparklers you will be well equip. 


  It is also important that when designing our wedding we make sure we do not have flammable items such as paper napkins or crepe paper too close to our sparklers. While this might seem like common sense, we might forget how many decorations we use are flammable or exactly how far away from said decorations we really need to be. If we are using sparklers, it is important that we are aware of our surroundings to keep everyone safe.


  Make sure to tell our guests that wedding sparklers will be used so everyone knows to pay attention. While we might think it would be fun to surprise guests with sparklers, in truth it is much better for them to be aware so that they can stay safe throughout the ceremony and afterparty. It is also important to tell guests in case there are any who might struggle with the presence of sparklers for any of several reasons. Plus by letting your wedding guests know you will be having sparkler send-off they will stay for the excitement and fuu!


General Wedding Sparkler Safety


  When lighting sparklers it is important to use a lighter that keeps our hands away from the flame such as using a long butane or barbecue lighter. We should only light one sparkler at a time by lighting the tip furthest from the handle. We also should always make sure to keep our lit sparklers at arm's length away from our face, body, clothing, or other nearby people. Sparklers are overall pretty safe but when we are caught up in the moment and the excitement, we might forget if we don’t plan ahead.


  It can be useful to have someone in charge of the sparklers especially if our celebration involves guests using them. This person can tell guests when they are to get their sparklers, and how they should light the sparklers. This person can also remind guests about how to use sparklers safely as well as communicating what to do with the sparklers once they have been burned.


  Once we are done with a sparkler, we should place it in a sparkler bucket which is filled with either sand or water. It is important to remember to never grab a burned or burning portion of a sparkler because they can be very hot and cause burns. Once the wedding sparklers or heart sparklers are cooled completely, we can simply throw the wire handles into the trash.


  If we are using sparklers, it is also important that we have both water and a first aid kit on hand in the rare possibility something goes wrong. Sparklers are a wonderful addition to a wedding, but we need to remember if we do not follow basic procedures, they can become dangerous.


Wedding Sparklers And Kids


  Older children can join in on the fun and use sparklers with adult supervision. Adult supervision involves closely watching them, making sure children are holding the sparkler, and making sure children are not pointing the sparkler at other people or flammable items. Knowing if a child will be able to handle using sparklers comes down to knowing the child. In general, if we don’t think there will be enough adult supervision to keep everyone safe, saving the wedding sparklers only for adults makes sense.


  When we take the time to make sure we are using wedding sparklers safely we can create a wonderful wedding experience for everyone involved. Like any open flame it comes down to planning ahead, being aware of possible fire dangers, and making sure everyone is staying safe by not pointing sparklers towards themselves or their neighbors. With adult supervision older children can even get in on the fun of wedding sparklers. Need more information, check out our wedding sparklers complete guide for planning the perfect exit!

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