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How To Find Big Sparklers For Weddings

How To Find Big Sparklers For Weddings


  When we are planning for the biggest wedding exit possible, we are going to be looking for the largest and longest-lasting wedding sparklers that we can find. When it comes to wedding sparklers, the biggest ones we will typically find are 36 inches. These sparklers last over 3 minutes, which means that we will have plenty of time to capture amazing pictures of the happy couple as they exit the wedding. These 36-inch wedding sparklers mean we do not have to feel rushed or worry that we won’t have time to capture the pictures we want. While 36-inch sparklers can be very enjoyable, it is critical that we choose high-quality ones. Before ordering big sparklers, we have to understand what makes wedding sparklers special and what we need to be looking for in our wedding sparklers.


Where To Find Big Sparklers


  Grand Wedding Exit is known for specializing in big 36-inch sparklers. When we plan to use wedding sparklers at our big event, we would like to make sure that the sparklers we get are both stylish and functional. We don't want to try to save a few pennies only to discover that the sparklers we bought are all broken. We also don't want to discover that when we burn them, they produce so much smoke that we can't take any decent pictures of the happy couple. Furthermore, by purchasing from a site like, we will be able to find high-quality but affordable wedding sparklers regardless of our budget. Quality is especially relevant for larger sparklers because we need everyone to be safe during their longer burn time. Wedding sparklers are one aspect of a wedding where we must be careful not to be penny wise and pound foolish.


What Exactly Is A Wedding Sparkler?


  A sparkler is a type of hand-held firework that emits bright, intense colored flames, sparks, and other effects while burning slowly. Many people have fond memories of playing with sparklers as children. Wedding sparklers are unique sparklers that are both high quality and long-lasting. Furthermore, unlike traditional sparklers, wedding sparklers emit no smoke, allowing us to take clearer photographs. Wedding sparklers can be used indoors, at the reception, or outside for spectacular wedding exits.


What Are The Leading Wedding Sparklers?


  The materials used to make a high-quality sparkler are key. While there are many different types of sparklers available for purchase, it is critical to select quality sparklers for a wedding celebration. This means sparklers that burn evenly, for a long time, and clearly, allowing us to see all of the sparkle produced.


  High-quality wedding sparklers have a steel core rather than a wood core and are double or triple dipped for a more even burn. This is analogous to how the more a taper candle is dipped, the stronger and longer-lasting it becomes. If we are using sparklers at a wedding, we want to ensure that we can see the golden color without having to deal with large amounts of smoke. This will simply obstruct our ability to take high-quality pictures.


  When planning a wedding, we want to invest in high-quality sparklers to ensure that we have the most enjoyable experience possible. Furthermore, high-quality sparklers are less likely to break before we can use them, and they are less likely to burn in an unexpected manner, potentially endangering the couple or the guests in attendance. When it comes to wedding sparklers, we don't want to skimp on quality. To ensure the finest possible experience, only high-quality wedding sparklers should be used at a wedding.


How Long Do Various Wedding Sparklers Last?


  When it comes to burn time, it all depends on the sparkler's quality as well as its length. Depending on the type, sparklers can burn for one minute to more than three minutes. Knowing the burn time of the sparklers we buy is helpful so that we can select the most appropriate option for whenever we want to use them during the wedding. You can also choose to use a 20 inch sparkler which is ideal for medium sized weddings. You can learn everything about 20 inch sparklers and why we love them at in our wedding sparkler ideas section.


Why Are 36-Inch Sparklers So Effective?


  The most popular wedding sparklers are 36-inch sparklers because they have a long burn time, allowing the couple to walk leisurely under an arch of sparklers for their exit. These wedding sparklers are triple dipped and can last 3+ minutes, giving you plenty of time to take pictures as you enter and exit. Moreover, they allow time for taking photos of the couple kissing or of the group. If we use a 36-inch sparkler, we will have the amazing experience we have always desired for our wedding.

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