Disposing Wedding Sparklers

How to use and dispose wedding sparklers

How to use and dispose wedding sparklers


  Using wedding sparklers can make for a truly memorable send off for wedding guests and more importantly the newlyweds! But at the same time, if not used properly can cause unintentional accidents. With the proper care and attention you can have an absolutely flawless wedding sparkler exit! When using wedding sparklers we want to make sure you take the up most care and caution.


Wedding Sparkler Safety 


  At Grand Wedding Exit we wanted to take the time to discuss important safety aspects when using wedding sparklers. Other topics we will discuss are how to properly light wedding sparklers quickly and safely for you and your wedding party and the safe use of wedding sparkler tips!


  Luckily at Grand Wedding Exit we have been in the wedding sparkler business for quite sometime and have been lucky enough to get some amazing feedback from newlyweds and event wedding planners. When lighting wedding sparklers we have found the safest way to ignite our wedding sparklers are with barbecue lighters or commonly referred to as butane lighters. You can easily find butane lighters at any convenience store or local shop which are very inexpensive. We have found these lighters the most effective when using wedding sparklers as they produce a steady controlled flame. As we all the know weather is unpredictable and the slightest breeze can cause matches to be very difficult to light wedding sparklers. Using a barbecue lighter ensures a swift and quick way to start the wedding sparkler festivities! 


  Once you have a couple wedding sparklers lit the quickest and safest way to lit the remaining sparklers is to group a bunch of unlit sparklers and touch them with the tip of the lit wedding sparklers. By using this process to lit the wedding sparklers, you can easily have over 150 sparklers lit in under thirty seconds. With this approach newlyweds can have a proper sendoff by forming two lines and creating an arch like gesture as they walk through it. One of the best advice we can give when using 20 inch or 36 inch wedding sparklers is making sure the bride and groom walk casually throughout the sparkler tunnel and not rushing the process. By slowly walking through the sparklers will allow the photographers to take some truly stunning wedding sparkler pictures.


  If your wedding guests include children, ask nearby adults to supervise and to be cautious if they part take in the grand sparkling exit. Children may not be able to handle the sparklers with the same care and as we know sparklers are very hot. So for all children and adults here are some very helpful tips on lighting the wedding sparklers carefully.


Tips On Lighting Wedding Sparklers


  • When lighting the very first wedding sparklers, please make sure you attempt to light them at a place where the wind is not directed toward you to avoid sparks.

  • Initially, only light one wedding sparkler at a time. Some wedding sparklers may shoot out sparks initially when lighting.

  • Do not attempt to lit wedding sparklers using matches. Matches tend to take too long and will put your hands too close to the top of the sparkler during the lighting process. By using a barbecue lighter you can concentrate on lighting the wedding sparkler instead of watching your hands and matches.

  • Once you have a couple sparklers lit, you can light the remaining sparklers very quickly by touching the lit wedding sparklers with the unlit sparklers.  We recommend touching between six to ten sparklers at a time.

  • When you are lighting the sparklers keep the sparkler at a slightly 30 to 45 degrees downwards stance. This will help the unlit sparklers catch the flame quickly and most importantly safely.


    Carrying Sparklers While Lit


       Now you have your 20 inch sparklers safely lit and you are ready for the grand exit! While you are part taking in the wedding sparklers festivities we wanted to make you have some safety notes so you and your wedding party have a flawless exit!

    • Have your wedding party extend their arms as far they can while holding the wedding sparklers.  Make sure they are straight to help keep away from your face, body, and clothing.

    • Don't focus on keeping the wedding sparklers away form just you, be cautious of the wedding party around you to make sure you do not harm them as well.

    • When waving the sparklers, make sure to not wave them too fast to hurt people around you.

    • Do not keep wedding sparklers close to any flammable materials such as alcohol, as parties tend to be drinking throughout the night.


      Proper Way to Dispose Wedding Sparklers


        After the bride and groom have exited off into the night and the last spark goes out, it's time to safely dispose the wedding sparklers. We recommend using two sparkler buckets of either sand or water. Even though the sparklers are out, does not mean they are not extremely hot.  Most brides forget to include a safe way to dispose the wedding sparklers. By having two buckets allow the wedding party to easily place the sparklers as they walk by. This also helps the clean up process as well.  If you ever have any questions or concerns with any part of the wedding sparkler process please do not hesitate to call our email our main offices at Grand Wedding Exit! 

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