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Using Wedding Sparklers During Your Grand Wedding Exit

May 04, 2017

Using sparklers during wedding

  The 2017 wedding season has been blissful and filled with love. Many of our clients and event planners love the seasons promotions that are currently running and are more than satisfied with the products they are receiving. We have many inquiries on when is the best time to announce the wedding sparkler exit? How many wedding sparklers to purchase? And where is the most ideal location for a wedding sparkler exit? Our brides and event planners nationwide are able to inform their wedding parties about how to properly use the wedding sparklers, so we will go ahead and share that information with our customers and readers to help with their sparkler exit!
Exit Wedding Sparklers

Best Time To Announce Wedding Sparklers

  Wedding sparklers are still fairly new when it comes to introducing the sparkler exit to friends and families. Through years of trail and error, feedback, and event planners discussions; the best time to announce a sparkler exit is while everyone is dancing. When the dancing is coming to a close, inform your band or DJ to pause the music and grab the attention of your wedding guests. "Excuse me, we are about to close our night and have a grand send off of the bride and groom, please grab a sparkler out of the wedding sparkler buckets by the back door and meet us outside. Thank you" This line works to properly organize the wedding guests to execute the perfect wedding sparkler exit. Incorporate the wedding sparkler buckets to help hold the sparklers before lighting and to easily dispose the sparklers after lighting.
Sparklers For Wedding Exit

How Many Wedding Sparklers?

  Depending on the venue, wedding party size, and amount of time needed, you can verify which sparkler is right for you and how many you exactly need. Most venues allow wedding sparklers however, enforce restrictions on the amount, size, and time allowed they can be used. Our 36 inch wedding sparklers burn for 3.5-4 minutes. Our 20 inch wedding sparkler burn for 2.5-3 minutes. Our 10 inch wedding sparkler burn for 1.5-2 minutes. All of our sparklers are double dipped to allow for a virtually smokeless reaction and brighter sparkler than many of those sparklers on the market today. With so much feedback and information provided from event planners, about 10-15% of the wedding guests leave by the time of the grand wedding sparkler exit. So with that, plan accordingly and save money along the way.
Using Sparklers For Wedding Exit

Ideal Location For A Wedding Sparkler Exit?

  When choosing your wedding venue you need to keep prohibited items and events in mind. There are very few venues that do not allow the use of sparklers. This is a downer for everyone and typically only happens when dealing with historic venues. The last thing we want is for you to order and you are not able to use these amazing sparklers. Many venues allow sparklers, but have certain restrictions. Some of the restrictions are: Use outdoors only, certain size limits, and certain quantity limits. Our wedding sparklers are virtually smokeless and ash-less. All of Grand Wedding Exit's wedding sparklers are double dipped to ensure the highest quality and brightest sparkle than that of any other online sparkler company. There are a few venues that only allow 10 inch or 20 inch sparklers due to the fact of the venue having low ceiling or arches outside. We have also seen a few locations that only allow between 48-96 sparklers at the venue. Asking your event planner these important questions and verifying aide can providing a hassle free experience.
  Our clientele has grown quite large over the few years. Through years of perfecting the wedding sparkler industry, we are the only company that is able to efficiently have your package arrive in time for your special day with FREE SHIPPING as an option. All packages ship out the same day or next day to ensure these sparklers arrive with in the estimated delivery time before your wedding night. Depending on your location delivery times may vary; however, if you contact us we can absolutely make sure your sparklers arrive in time. We also offer custom quantities to accommodate with your wedding party size or your guest list size.
  At Grand Wedding Exit we do our very best with every sparkler order to ensure the highest product quality and proper transit times. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact us directly. We are more than happy to assist you in any way to guarantee customer satisfaction. Happy sparkler shopping!
Grand Wedding Exit

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