Wedding Sparklers or Regular Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers vs. Regular Sparklers


  Our sparklers are guests in your wedding, and as such, should help make your event flawless. With our in-depth knowledge of the different kinds of sparklers out there, we can truly explain the great benefits and differences between wedding sparklers and regular sparklers. When shopping for wedding sparklers, the most important detail is the steel wire core; it is fundamental to use wedding sparklers made with steel wire cores as it will yield a nearly smokeless and ash-less display. On the other hand, the majority of traditional sparklers are made with wood or bamboo cores. Unfortunately, these sparklers will contain a smokey spark with some debris. The burn itself appears uneven and sloppy. Pictures will definitely lose the great value it would normally have and there is a small risk of dresses and clothing being stained. Being in the wedding industry for over ten years we have heard some unfortunate stories of brides that used regular sparklers. Regular sparklers tend to give off a sulfur smell with an abundance of smoke. In turn, you will find extremely smokey photo's that don't come out as envisioned. Our goal at Grand Wedding Exit is to inform our brides so they can find the proper wedding sparklers for the end of their big wedding night. Steel wire cores can eliminate any of these issues and satisfy your expectations!


Timing, Timing, Timing!


  Another important aspect when shopping for wedding sparklers is burn time;  if some sparklers burn out noticeably faster than others, many will fade before the perfect moment is even captured and appreciated. And with large groups, the first lit sparkler could possibly burn out by the time the last sparkler gets its chance to sparkle.Timing is everything when trying to organize a group shot. Wedding Sparklers made with steel wire cores have a steady and consistent burn time. At Grand Wedding Exit, three different size wedding sparklers with according burn times allow for careful planning: 10 inch, 20 inch, and 36 inch wedding sparklers.  Our two most popular sizes are the 20 inch sparklers, with a burning time of 2.5 minutes, and our 36 inch with an amazing 3.5-4 minute burning duration! It is an ideal Wedding Sparkler allowing photographers to capture impeccable sparkler shots from multiple angles and set-ups. Our goal is to offer quality products with a clear objective: photogenic sparklers!  We love hearing positive feedback from brides, grooms, guests, photographers, and venues about how unbelievable the pictures turned out. We strongly recommend choosing steel wire core sparklers to complement an unforgettable night with amazing photos. 


Wedding Cake Sparklers an Added Bonus!


There is no greater feeling then seeing guests in awe and intrigued by what’s going on in your wedding. A great way to introduce the idea of sparklers to the guests is with our other popular item: Wedding Cake Sparklers! Our Wedding Cake Sparklers are also smokeless and will not leave any residue on your delicious wedding cake;  it is beauty without sacrifice. Wedding Grand Exit wishes to add a sparkle to every part of your wedding. Imagine hearing the guests comment on how much fun it would be to take part of something similar to the Wedding Cake Sparklers and then being surprised later on in the evening with huge 36” steel wire core Wedding Sparklers!  Make your celebration as grand as you wish from beginning to end.  If you ever have any questions about any of our products, please feel free to email us at or call our main offices.  Our staff is more than happy to answer any concerns and offer recommendations if needed.

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