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Best Wedding Trends of 2021

2021 Wedding Sparkler Trends


  With every year that goes by, there are new trends, additions, and eliminations to the wedding ceremony from start to finish. From throwing rice to light the dress, our wedding experts are always up to date with the latest wedding trends. This wedding season has been quite eventful and has a lot in store for us. Currently, our brides and event planners are in a high demand for wedding sparklers, wedding sky lanterns, and wedding glow necklaces. Customers across the United States incorporate the best novelty items into their wedding with out breaking the bank. We assist in providing the latest tips and tricks on what these products are and how to use them. We are excited to share the most popular and trendy wedding favors and items of this upcoming season.


Growing Wedding Trend of Wedding Sparklers


  Wedding Sparklers have grown in high demand over the past few years. They are now readily available to brides nationwide for an economical price. Wedding sparklers come in 3 sizes; 36 inch wedding sparklers, 20 inch sparklers, 10 inch sparklers, and also heart sparklers. Our 36 inch sparklers are the most popular among the selection amongst all wedding sparklers. 36 inch wedding sparklers burn for about 4 minutes and are considered to be the True Wedding Sparkler because of the bright sparkle they give with almost no smoke or ash. The use of these sparklers at weddings have become very popular over the past couple years as one of the most popular ways to exit a wedding. This is a great way to gather your entire wedding party to celebrate the love of the newlyweds before the end of the night one last time. Not to mention, the pictures taken with the sparklers turn out to be some of the best taken off the entire wedding night! We love sharing all of our wedding sparkler pictures with soon to be newlyweds! If you ever have any questions about using sparklers for weddings do not hesitate to ask our full time staff.

  Wedding Sky Lanterns are used at many events and can also be used if wedding sparklers are not allowed at your venue. The wedding sky lanterns can be used in groups for the largest or smallest of crowds. The sky lanterns are as easy to use as the wedding sparklers and they drift into the night sky for hours. Wedding Wish Lanterns can also be used during the day to reminisce over the greatest memories. Lanterns can be lit and held by a group of 2-4 guests, this make a seamless release in to the dark night sky. The use of sky lanterns at weddings took off last year and has continued to be a major wedding trend heading into 2021. Newlyweds are now just send off one sky lantern into the night sky while their entire wedding party watches. This is a great wedding favor for all outdoor weddings and festivities. Sky lanterns can be the cheapest thing you purchase for your entire wedding!

  Wedding Glow Necklaces are an alternative to many wedding send off ideas and additions to the wedding ceremony. Glow Necklaces add that special VIP flare tot he event. We suggest ordering at least half or more of the amount guests that you have attending your event. This will create a glowing effect among the dance floor and venue. Wedding glow necklaces are a such hit with adults and kids that brides and event planner save some to incorporate in other events. Using glow necklaces and wands are a great way to turn up the energy on the dance floor! If you are looking to add some color and fun to your wedding night look no further than these glow sticks.

  For the start of the 2021 wedding season these happen to be the most popular wedding trends. As the wedding season evolves and new wedding favors and exit ideas come into play we look forward to sharing them with all of our readers. Our goal is to help inform brides on all of our their options when planning their wedding night! Grand Wedding Exit always views the planning and prep as arguably the best time of the entire wedding process. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or even more ideas on the best wedding trends of this upcoming wedding season!

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