Left over wedding favors

What to do with left over wedding favors?

Wedding sparkler left overs
  After the wedding is over, it is somewhat a let down to consider what will happen to those extra wedding decorations, favors and extra wedding supplies. Is there some sort of "island of wedding decor" for extra wedding decorations? Do they go up to a wedding paradise in the sky? After the wedding is done, you will discover you do not know what to do with stockpiles of wedding things you built up over months of arranging your big day. After "Thank You" notes are sent out and that sentimental wedding realization soaks in, consider some of these for things to do with your remaining wedding supplies.

Always Give, Never Waste


  There are many causes out there that would acknowledge utilized wedding decorations. Consider the positive impact you will give from giving your dress or other favors to somebody who won't be as fortunate as you. Indeed, even some charities may acknowledge an extra treat, sweets or nourishment for individuals in need. Along the lines of re-purposing things, you can positively utilize extra vases, tableware, decorations and different endowments. Your family and wedding guests may value an additional keepsake from the wedding as well as being apart of the wedding.

Offer Up and Sell

  Think about the quantity of weddings every year and after that consider what number of ladies are hoping to dispose of wedding supplies. The wedding industry is an enormous place now with numerous ladies needing to purchase things for less cash. List things on various sites like Etsy, or attempt a couple of other specialty wedding posting websites.

Exchange/Swap Wedding Favors

  Another advantage to such a variety of wedding assets out there is that you can exchange or swap wedding things with different ladies. Attempt BridalSwap for instance, or whatever other exchanging sites that offer you that option of barter.


  DIY wedding parties definitely know how to get innovative with wedding supplies. So thinking about a remembrance or some approach to catch those wedding recollections is another fun activity that can prolong left over goodies. Make a shadow box, scrapbook, wedding card collection or convey the things to a craftier or Etsy seller and let them make something even more spectacular. For instance, shouldn't something be said about utilizing a few blossoms from your bundle to make a DIY Dried Flower Pendant?

Simply Keep

  There is additionally nothing saying you need to give away or offer the greater part of your wedding things. On an off chance that you need to keep things since they hold extraordinary value to you then do that as long as you have a lot of storage room accessible. There are numerous approaches to re-use your wedding things for your home, birthdays, fourth of July and new years celebrations.

Contact Wedding Experts

  Some wedding organizers , venue organizers or wedding specialist might be keen on your wedding things to relying upon the state of things. Put a couple calls to check whether they can take a few things off your hands. They can easily hold on to those extras for their future clients.

Set up another gathering

  Who says you can't host another get-together to go through whatever is left of your wedding things? Set up a gathering to go through extra treats, favors, flowers and decorations. Getting your besties together to distribute left over goodies is another way to extend memorable moments.

Donate to a future bride

  A relative or companion may value some assistance with discovering wedding decor in spite of the fact that not everybody is as enthused about "hand-me-down" things, so certainly ask before giving. Regardless of the possibility that the beneficiary wouldn't like to utilize everything, instruct them to pass the rest along to another lady of the hour and proceed. It is a great way to be a savvy bride to your closest friends and family members.

Wedding Sparklers

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